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Tag: Facebook Videos

Facebook working on getting music rights so you can upload videos that have full popular songs playing

Most of us like the music we listen to and it might seem natural to just start recording yourself talking about a certain subject while a track is playing in the background. Unfortunately, in the world of music rights, that is not natural at all because some artists do not want you to redistribute their […]

Steward Bank launches a Facebook Live “talk show”, joins Zimbabwe’s growing online broadcast trend

The issue, though, isn’t really the Steward Bank show or how big a marketing opportunity for its Square product the bank is eyeing here. What’s striking here is the way Facebook Live has become a thing.

Professionalism & the internet – How Jah Prayzah is outshining every other Zimbabwean artist

In an interview with Jah Prayzah’s manager, Keen Mushapaidze, he explained how the artist’s success can be attributed to professionalism, an integration of offline and online strategies and significant sacrifices in both time and money.

Beneath the Surface – Interview with Bustop TV Co founder Lucky Aaroni

For our Beneath the Surface feature, we sat down with Lucky Aaroni. Along with Bhutisi (Admire Kuzhangaira) and Kedha (Rolland Lunga), he was the co-founder of the original P.O Box TV and now works with Bustop TV which he also co-founded.

Q & A with a Canada-based Zimbabwean comedic duo that was born on YouTube

Wershuta (pronounced as We Are Shuta) is one production team that falls into that category. the Canadian-based Zimbabwean duo of has been churning out comedic skits on YouTube that have a Zimbabwean focus for more than a year and in the process have established a following that has been growing consistently.

Facebook adds new tool for video revenue protection with new Rights Manager feature

However, for internet video creators who have moulded their revenue models around views, there is a serious problem that lies in the unsolicited distribution of their content from Facebook pages that are not entitled to those views.

Baba Tencen is the most popular Zimbabwean internet video creator, and more interesting facts.

A week ago we started off on a new approach to in-depth content with a series called “Beneath the Surface” which is meant to provide us with an opportunity to plunge into a further understanding of certain topics in Zimbabwe’s (and the region’s) tech space. So far, our first feature, The Internet video Economy in Zimbabwe; […]

New local show, Tonight With Zororo, embraces digital with YouTube launch

Tonight With Zororo, a local talk show has been launched today. using the internet, specifically YouTube, as its main distribution channel, it joins other producers defying the status quo on content distribution.

See that ZW on YouTube? It means you can now make money from your video

The ZW locale identifier that you probably noticed on the YouTube logo every time you visit the video platform means that you can now enable monetization of the content you upload there. This development means a new revenue stream for content creators who choose to monetize their videos, provided they put up stuff that can generate enough interest.

Sharing YouTube & Facebook videos in Zim? You could be breaking the law

Just so we are clear, that headline isn’t meant to scare anyone who’s busy sharing the latest P.O BOX, ZviriKufaya or Zimdancehall video. It’s a legally sound fact that fortunately for all of us isn’t taken seriously. We can call the law a lot of things; blind, fair, cold or just but when it comes to […]

In case you missed it : Highlights from F8 Facebook Developer Conference

Earlier on, we managed to catch the first few hours of the F8 Facebook Developer Conference.  Even though this was just the start of Day 1, a lot was shared by the Facebook team tonight (it’s actually day-time in San Francisco where all this happening), especially in the keynote address made by founder and CEO Mark […]