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10 online safety tips for parents with kids & teens on Facebook

Since we are now more locked on our devices more than ever, Facebook has published 10 tips to help parents manage their children’s safety online.

Facebook and Apple square off in a game of pop-up notifications

Facebook and Apple are set to go toe-to-toe over the latter’s App Tracking Transparacy policy that is set to debut on iOS 14’s upcoming beta.

The “it looks like you” virus hits Zimbabwean Facebook accounts

Beware of the “it looks like you” messages making the rounds on Facebook. Someone might be trying to hack your account, so here’s how to stay safe.

WhatsApp privacy policy causes exodus to Signal

WhatsApp and its new privacy policy has forced many users to flee to Signal as the app couldn’t handle the number of new account requests.

Facebook wants your WhatsApp data

WhatsApp has a new privacy policy which comes with an ultimatum to allow your data to be shared with its parent company Facebook or else…

Facebook unveils its 2020 Africa year in review

Facebook has unvieled it’s Africa 2020 “A Year in Review” which looks back on all the key investments and work the company has on the continent.

Facebook launches Collab music app to the public.

Facebook has launched to the public a new app called Collab. The app was first launched as an invite-only beta on iOS earlier this year. The app is an experimental music-making app from Facebook’s New Product Experimentation division (NPE). The app allows users to make 15-second short music videos by combining up to three independent […]

Facebook may be forced to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit yesterday that may force Facebook to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram as independent businesses.

ZANU-PF preparing to wage war on social media

ZANU-PF has announced they will be creating provincial social media teams. The duty of these teams according to a Chronicle report will be to “defend the party and government programs on social media.” This is a pretty interesting development and when you consider the party’s image online, it’s surprising ZANU-PF didn’t do this sooner. According […]

Video: Here is how Facebook VAT will work in Zimbabwe

Facebook announced that from the 1st of Septermber 2020, it will be charging Zimbabwean customers 14.5% VAT on every purshase of their services. This means that if you want to promote your Facebook page or a facebook post you’ll be paying 14.5% more than you were before. In this video we shall look at how […]

Facebook is now charging VAT to Zimbabwean advertisers

Facebook, on their Business Help Centre, announced that they will be charging Zimbabwean advertisers Value Added Tax (VAT). The tax, which is pegged locally at 14.5% will apply to businesses and individuals whose “Sold To” country is set to Zimbabwe. Facebook will be charging VAT for ads regardless of whether they are for business or […]

Facebook’s integration of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger takes a step further

We’ve written about Facebook Portal before. Essentially this is Facebook’s grand plan to make sure that their social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) and their messaging application are integrated. This integration seems to be finally happening. As reported by the Verge, some Instagram users are being met by the pop-up below when they open the […]

Facebook is inviting African e-commerce startups to their accelerator program

Facebook recently posted an invite for African e-commerce startups to apply for their accelerator program. The 12-week long non-equity program focuses on networking, training, and mentorship for entrepreneurs. “In this critical time, Facebook is doubling down on commerce and accelerating its work to enable every business to sell online and help people gain inspiration, discover […]

Big Tech needs regulation and why you should care

Four of the biggest tech companies in the world were dragged before American Congress recently to testify on abuse of their power with regards to anti-trust. Well this sounds American so why should any of us care when we have our own problems at home? I will give you a tip, you can become geo-independent […]

Facebook Messenger extends screen sharing in video calls to iOS and Android

Facebook announced that they will be extending the screen sharing feature for Message Rooms and Messenger video calls to mobile. This feature will now be available in Messenger and Message Rooms video calls on iOS and Android mobile apps. Putting them in step with Zoom, who already offer the feature on mobile. The initial roll […]

The projected impact of Facebook’s connectivity initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa

The internet has driven innovation over that last couple of decades. As it grew, the possibilities it offers seem endless. This vital utility is something that isn’t available to everyone across the world. An estimated 3.5 billion people across the world still don’t have access to internet services. In Sub-Saharan Africa internet infrastructure is sparsely […]

How close is Facebook to integrating WhatsApp and Instagram in a cross-chat platform?

Last year, Chief Executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that he wanted to put all their social media holdings under one umbrella. Instagram and WhatsApp have, for the most part, been their own separate entities. The apps themselves are distinctly different from each other but their parent company, according to NY Times, says the underlying […]

Google removes apps found stealing Facebook login information

According to Evina, a French anti fraud solutions company, there were apps in the Play Store that were stealing Facebook login information. The malware was hidden in wallpaper applications, video making apps and flashlight apps. The full list of apps: If a user launched any one of the above apps, it would simultaneously open a […]

Facebook will tell you when you are sharing an old article

Facebook in a blog post announced that they will be adding a function to notify users when they share an old article. This announcement pairs with a feature they added in 2018 that added context pop on articles. This function would provide users with corresponding news and information about the publisher. So why has Facebook […]

[Updated] Facebook Launches Program To Help Meet Digital Literacy Needs In Africa

A few days ago, Facebook launched “My Digital World” a programme designed to equip the youth and general public across Sub-Saharan Africa with digital skills needed to navigate the digital world. It will be offered virtually this year to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain committed to equipping young people and the general public across Sub-Saharan Africa with the vital digital skills […]

How Does Your Social Media Activity Affect Employment Chances

Ever imagined something as “silly” as a Facebook comment making you miss out on an important job opportunity? Well, for all you know that could be what’s happening right now as you blame nepotism, witchcraft or your family’s bad luck. Judging from some posts I have seen on social media it is clear that many […]

Facebook Launching “Messeger Kids” in Sub Saharan Africa. What Parents Need To Know.

Messenger Kids is Facebook looking at the need for video chat and messaging services from a different angle. There are concerns when it comes to children on the internet or using connectivity apps. All parents want to know if what their children are consuming online is safe and if the apps they use protect their […]

Did You Know Pick n Pay Zim Has More Followers Than ZBC News

This is a visualization of Zimbabwe’s top 10 most followed Facebook accounts. Follow us on YouTube for more animated statistics Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash number: Buy {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

Facebook Transfer Tool Goes Global

Facebook has announced a global roll out of their Transfer Tool. This feature had been launched in North America in April, with staggered releases elsewhere. You can now, if you wish, move your media from Facebook to Google Photos. At Facebook, we believe that if you share data with one service, you should be able […]

Facebook Finally Lets You Delete Old Posts in Bulk

Facebook has finally delivered. If there was content you posted years and years ago that is, for a lack of a better word “cringe”. Now you can delete it through Manage Activity. Whether you’re entering the job market after college or moving on from an old relationship, we know things change in people’s lives, and […]

Facebook Libra Wallet Rebranded To Novi

Facebook’s digital currency has gone through a tumultous development and been part of a disastorus news cycle before it’s even launched. From being announced to much interest and fanfare last year. The hope and excitement was quickly replaced by uncertainty as Facebook’s partners in bringing the digital currency pulled out due to regulatory scrutiny. Whilst […]

Facebook Targeting Small Business With Launch Of Shops Service

Yesterday Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Shops – a service that will allow businesses to display and sell products on the social media network. At launch Shops will be integrated across Facebook and Instagram meaning a shop owner can manage his or her inventory on both social media platforms from one place. […]

Facebook Expands Coronavirus Info Center To More Countries In Africa Including Zim

Facebook is expanding its Coronavirus Information Center to 24 more countries in Africa -including Zimbabwe- as part of its ongoing commitment to empowering people around the world with timely and accurate news from trusted health authorities. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center is featured at the top of News Feed and provides a central place for people to keep informed about the […]

Facebook Invests US$5.7 Billion In Indian Telecoms Company

Tech companies have an interesting relationship with India. The country’s cheap data has meant that for smartphone manufacturers – getting their devices in the hands of as many Indians as possible has always been a priority. For social media and messaging companies, this cheap data has meant many Indians can utilise their applications unlike in […]

Zim Social Media Users Fall Under 1M As Cost Of Data & Electricity Woes Become Clearer

We Are Social’s Digital Report on Zimbabwe is pretty telling of just how impactful the floundering Zim economy on Zimbos usage Even before statistics started coming in from the likes of POTRAZ – data usage is on the decline, I think the assumption for most was that we’re using the internet less because of two […]