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Tag: FasterCapital

Startups with at least 1 female co-founder called to apply for funding

FasterCapital (an incubator based in Dubai, UAE) is launched its yearly women round on 16th, Jun, 2020. The last women rounds of funding attracted more than 200 submissions from 50 different countries. This funding round is open to startups that have one woman co-founder. You can apply regardless of the stage of the startup. For […]

Reasons Why Zim Techpreneurs Didn’t Make It Into FasterCapital’s Incubation Program-Lessons To Be Learnt

The Zimbabwean economic scenario is well known for its challenges and opportunities. Building a successful startup is clearly not a walk in the park! Which is why we have very few success stories. The challenges range from financing, finding a good mentor, finding a good technical partner to develop your app/website/tech solution e.t.c Which is […]

Interview: FasterCapital Is A Virtual Incubator That Is Looking For Zim Start-ups To Invest In

Among many other things that have hindered the growth of Zim’s startup sector, lack of capital or funding really stands out. Whether its capital to scale or to get the startup off the ground, there is a serious shortage of both in Zimbabwe. This is partly because there are no solid venture capital firms In […]