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Tag: FBC MyDrive

FBC Shares More Details Regarding MyDrive Insurance

A week ago FBC announced a new insurance product; MyDrive and since the announcement they have done a really great job of answering all the questions that have been popping up around their new service. We felt it was an interesting service; more interesting than EcoSure’s Moovah but in that article,¬†we raised some questions. Once […]

FBC’s MyDrive Insurance Product Is More An Innovation Than EcoSure Moovah But Winning Is Not That Simple

I have to start by stating that I am excited by FBC’s new MyDrive product. It’s a totally new value proposition in the Zimbabwean motor insurance market. The logic behind the product makes sense. EcoSure Moovah is another fairly new motor insurance product that hit the market a few months ago. Having been launched by […]