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Reminder: You can open FBC savings or current account using their app

This is what banking should be.

FBC launches Mastercard Tap ‘n’ Go cards and POS machines

Contactless cards and POS machines might soon become commonplace

FBC launches WhatsApp banking chatbot

FBC Bank has announced the launch of Noku, “a smart Digital Assistant” (i.e a chatbot) assisting clients with banking and insurance services on Whatsapp at any time of the day. Noku also allows anyone to open an FBC Instant Account or Mobile Moola wallet on WhatsApp without visiting a physical branch. Existing FBC account-holders who […]

FBC Bank now allowing individuals to open bank accounts via mobile

The reach of banking services has been broadened by FBC Bank through the launch of a virtual banking service. In a statement, the bank announced that it is now offering individuals a facility to open full bank accounts through mobile, via USSD (*220#) or the FBC Bank app. This is something similar to what we […]

FBC allowing Civil Servants to convert US$75 allowance via WhatsApp and email

The government some time ago announced that it was going to be giving it’s employees an allowance of US$75 a month. The allowance besides being insufficient was made worse by the news that this money was not going to come to civil servants in hard currency but will be converted to local currency at the […]

FBC Donates 10 000 Covid-19 Diagnostic Test Kits

FBC Holdings has demonstrated its commitment towards containing the spread of Covid-19 in Zimbabwe. The Group proudly donated 10 000 Coronavirus test kits in the interest of public health. The donation was presented to the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, His Excellency, President ED Mnangagwa and representatives from the Ministry of Health and Child […]

FBC Temporarily Closes 4 Branches In Response To COVID-19

FBC Holdings has announced they, like many other organisations, will be closing branches in order to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus.A portion of their workforce will also be working from home. As a result of these actions, there may be some disruption to our normal service delivery. Please bear with us as we […]

FBC Listens To Customers & Removes Annual Fees For Prepaid Cards

A fortnight ago, FBC took the curious decision of adding annual fees to their prepaid cards, with individuals and businesses expected to pay $15 and $20 respectively. It was a curious decision for a number of reasons; firstly FBC risked angering customers who would then go to other banks who offer similar cards without any […]

FBC Adds Annual Fee To Prepaid Cards

FBC clients making use of the Visa/Mastercard prepaid card service received communication from the bank this morning that they’ll now have to part with $15 and $20 respectively depending on whether they use the ordinary or business cards. Please note FBC Prepaid cards will now have the following annual fees applicable to them, $20 for […]

[Updated] FBC Seems To Know Who You Are Before You Register For Their Product. How Is This So?

Earlier this morning, we got an interesting tip from one of our readers regarding FBC’s new insurance service Yako. The 3rd party insurance service allows people to renew insurance on their phones which is pretty convenient. It seems, however, that the service is getting too convenient for some and is now raising privacy concerns with […]

[Update] FBC Updates Their Banking App With A Host Of Features

FBC has updated its banking app bringing a host of new features that will undoubtedly be of use to its clients. The “enhanced FBC Mobile Moola” app will bring a redesigned interface, security improvements from biometric authentication and the ability to block your card remotely giving customers more control over their safety. It would be […]

FBC Insurance Launches Instant 3rd Party Insurance Product, Yako

FBC Insurance Company has announced the launch of “yako” which they are positioning as “an innovative, game-changing and fully digital third party insurance service which will change the face of insurance in Zimbabwe.” Yako which is now available on the market, allows vehicle owners to purchase an instant third party insurance service for private cars, […]

Updated: RBZ Says You Can Get Paid In Forex But You Won’t Be Able To Withdraw Your Funds

An instruction circular from the RBZ to FBC’s management to its staff has leaked and the circular focuses on “Employees Salaries Payments in USD“. The instruction is on the back of what appears to be some regulatory changes at the RBZ. The circular notes that in some instances the RBZ can allow a company to […]

Warning! FBC Tells Clients To Ignore Fake Message Asking For Account Details

A week ago CBZ sent out a warning to their clients regarding a fake message that was circulating asking for clients details. It seems this is not a situation exclusive to CBZ as FBC is also sending out a similar message. FBC Bank notes with concern the spread of fake communication across various platforms purporting […]

Press Release: FBC Holdings Makes Contributions Towards Cyclone Ida Relief, Contribution Goes Beyond The Immediate

As corporate and individual citizens continue to to come together and offer assistance. FBC Holdings is also doing its part. Below is a press release from the group. [Please let us know of other companies that are contributing so we can add what they are doing to a special category we have created for Cyclone […]

FBC Shares More Details Regarding MyDrive Insurance

A week ago FBC announced a new insurance product; MyDrive and since the announcement they have done a really great job of answering all the questions that have been popping up around their new service. We felt it was an interesting service; more interesting than EcoSure’s Moovah but in that article, we raised some questions. Once […]

FBC Explains How The Pay As You Drive (MyDrive) Insurance Service Works

So yesterday FBC announced a new insurance service, that I personally think is necessary. MyDrive, as they have coined it, is Zimbabwe’s first such service and it will see customers paying insurance on the basis of how often they drive their car and the mileage. On the surface, this sounds like a great way to […]

FBC Launches New Motor Insurance Service Allowing You To Pay For The Distance You’ve Driven

FBC has just announced MyDrive; an insurance service they are terming as “customer driven and low-cost Usage Based”. The new FBC product is the first of its kind in Zim and it allows customers to get charged on a case by case basis dependant on their mileage. In a press release sent out to media, […]

Here Is Why Some Of You Are Getting An Error When You Try To Visit The Telepay and FBC Websites

If you are one of the many people who have been greeted by an error whenever you tried to visit either TeleOne’s Telepay or the FBC website then you are not alone and the problem is certainly not on your end. These two entities are entirely to blame for this. It means they dropped the […]

{Press Release} FBC’s Mobile Moola Instant Card:Secure and Affordable

Following an article in which I outlined a problem that I had with my FBC Mobile Moola Card, FBC have since send me their official response with regards to this issue. In addition they clearly stated that the Mobile Moola account does and ought to send SMS alerts whenever a swipe related transaction is performed. It […]

Are Bank Transaction Alerts An Important Part Of Security?

So in an earlier article I talked about how not to receiving an sms alert whenever I used the FBC Mobile Moola card’s swipe function was a serious security flaw. Needless to say a lot of people felt otherwise. They argued in the comments that while having SMS alerts was a nice feature to have- […]

FBC’s Mobile Moola Has A Serious Security Flaw: Account Holders Don’t Receive SMS Alerts When A Purchase Is Made

[Updated] FBC have since issued their own response here. After going through the impressive five minutes it takes to open a FBC Mobile Moola account and linking the account with Ecocash, I decided to take it for a spin. After making a routine purchase I instinctively checked my phone to see how much had been […]

We Finally Have Details On FBC’s Kwik POS Machine Targeting SMEs

Last week FBC started advertising their new Kwik POS machine, and whilst it was very apparent that this would compete in the same space as Steward’s Kwenga POS device many other details were left to the imagination of the public. We contacted FBC when the news broke but it seems the support desk was not […]

[Breaking] FBC Introduces Kwik, Their Own Version Of The Kwenga POS Machine

FBC is introducing a POS machine targeting SMEs, which makes them the third bank to have a similar device (CABS and Steward Bank debuted their own devices last year). We are still trying to get more information about the device as pricing and whether or not FBCs Kwik POS is bringing a new twist to […]

FBC in $21.9 million profit

Local financial institution, FBC Holdings, made $21.9 million after tax profit in 2016, according to the company’s financial results announced yesterday. The bank joins other banks in presenting very positive financials for last year, despite harsh economic conditions for companies and consumers especially around the lack of cash at banks. FBC’s after tax profit is up 21% from the previous year. The […]

What can we expect at Zimbabwe’s 1st Mobile Money & Digital Payments Awards?

The Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference, an awards ceremony that seeks to recognise and honour outstanding performance and innovation in mobile money and digital payments will be held on the 27th of July in Harare

FBC finally fixes Prepaid MasterCard. TelOne & Post Office to take deposits

Today, a debit card that you can use online and when you travel outside Zimbabwe is reasonably within anyone’s reach. It wasn’t always so. Back some 4 years ago, bank cards with with MasterCard or visa logo were for the elite. Actually, just banking itself was for the working minority. When FBC launched a prepaid MasterCard in […]

“Sending” Money to South Africa

A lot has changed since the crisis of 2008. Things are better now. I should know since back then I spend most of my time rationing my food supplies and waiting in line for everything from salt,bread, call slots and web pages to load. Most of my time is spend at the gym now trying […]

7 items you DON’T want to miss in this week’s Sunday Mail

It’s not very often that I buy the newspaper. More so on a Sunday. I mean I can get all the news I want online. WhatsApp and Facebook bundles allow me to consume all I can for less than $3 per month. Why would I still need to get my hands on news that was […]

EcoCash vs Banks: Econet is trying to confuse everyone, says FBC’s Mushayavanhu

As you may know, Econet came out yesterday to publicly accuse CABS, ZimSwitch and Kevin Terry of using the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe to fight Econet’s mobile money product EcoCash. The CABS MD, according to campaigning against EcoCash so he can push his own mobile money/banking product, Textacash. Textacash you will remember is basically an implementation of ZimSwitch’s Shared Services platform. And Zimswitch is owned by more than just CABS.