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This Fintech is offering instant loans you can apply for via WhatsApp

The process of taking a loan is riddled with paperwork and back and forths to either the bank/Microfinance institute. eShagi is a fintech that promises instant loans that are given out under a 100% online process. What is eShagi? eShagi is a Fintech that claims to be different from banks and microfinance companies. How? They […]

EcoCash & banks can’t magically create balances

A friend brought up a question recently, can’t a software developer at EcoCash just create a balance in their account. Then, said developer can go buy a shiny new Lamborghini Gallardo LP460? (I may be adding a bit of sweetening but you get the point). A soccer analogy Let us talk about soccer for a […]

RBZ: $10 Notes Coming Into Circulation Next Week. $20 Notes To Follow

RBZ has announced when the $10 & $20 notes will be coming into circulation. $10 notes will come into on Tuesday 19 May with the $20 notes to follow soon after – RBZ says these will be available “by the first week of June”. Alongside this announcement was another – withdrawal limits have been raised […]

Is Cloud Computing The Answer For Africa’s Rising Banking Costs?

More than 700 million Africans lack access to a bank or mobile money account and only 41% of Africans are financially included. This is due to the high cost of providing financial services in Africa which forces many financial services providers to remain focused on serving wealthier customers. Part of the cost problem is that financial […]

C-Trade Updating Investor Information

C-Trade has sent out a communication to some of their users that they will be carrying out an update of Investor information: Dear Valued Investor; We are currently carrying out an exercise to update investor information on the C-TRADE platform hence we are kindly requesting for you to submit a certified copy of your ID […]

SDG500 Will Invest $500 Million In Businesses Addressing Sustainable Development Goals

A new investment fund; SDG500 will begin investing $500m in businesses working to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals. The fund was launched earlier this week in Davos. SDG500 will be backed by “a coalition of public and private organisations, NGOs and a private equity firm.” Capital from the funds will be used to make debt […]

Hacking Group Targeting African Banks

Security researchers from Kaspersky have reported on thousands of notifications of attacks on major banks in the sub-Saharan Africa region. The malware in the attacks has been linked to Silence Group – a hacking organisation which has targeted banks and stolen millions in the past. The group which is reportedly one of the most active […]

Calibra -Crypto Wallet- For Storing Facebook’s Libra Currency Coming In 2020

Facebook unexpectedly announced their digital currency -Libra- yesterday. Whilst there are many details regarding the currency itself, the crypto wallet for holding Libra hasn’t gotten as much coverage. Calibra is said to be launching in 2020 and the website suggests that it will be integrated with other Facebook apps, namely WhatsApp and Messenger. It’s not […]

Paynet: Banks Owe Us $2.5 Million & Haven’t Paid In 18 Months

Paynet took to their Facebook to address some of the issues regarding their feud with local banks and responded to people who accused them of acting in bad faith and holding the nation at ransom. It’s an interesting thread and one that sheds some light on how the local banking sector operates. You can check […]

Paynet Gives Banks Deadline To Pay Them Or They Will Cut Off Service Which Could Affect Payment Of Civil Servants

Banks have been having some issues with Paynet due to forex payments and back in March, Paynet faced periods of downtime due to failure to pay licencing fees. Paynet has thus extended this cost to the banks they provide service to and an email sent to CABS customers by the bank indicates that Paynet will […]

[Video] Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube Speaks About Zim Economy With CNN’s Richard Quest

The Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube had a chat with Richard Quest from CNN and in this short interview Hon Mthuli addresses the following; The Twin deficit challenge facing Zimbabwe Budget cuts to deal with the local deficit Why the government introduced the 2% tax Restructuring our debts Improving ease of doing business Also, Download: Zimbabwe 2019 […]

Barclays Bank Zimbabwe To Be Called First Capital Bank, Effective From Next Week

Barclays Bank is notifying the public that they will be undergoing a name change effective from next Monday (8 October). Below is the press statement they released on the matter: The Company held an Extraordinary General Meeting on 3 July 2018 at which meeting members unanimously resolved to approve the change of name of the […]

[Update] New Taxes For Transferring Funds Are Simply Ridiculous

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube delivered some sombre news at the Monetary Policy Statement. From charging 5c per transfer transaction the government will (with immediate effect) charge 2c for every dollar per transaction. In layman terms, this means you’ll now be charged 2% for every transfer transaction you make. It never rains Where you were paying […]

How African Leaders Can Finance Development And Transformation

There is an African proverb that says the eater of a goat pays back a cow. For years African countries have focused their efforts in securing financial aid from Bretton Woods institutions and others for development and transformation. Unfortunately, this has proven to be an expensive, unsustainable model as the loans from these institutions have […]

10 Finance Courses For Startups And Business Owners On Udemy

There is a claim out there that about 2 in 3 people secretly yearn to own and run their own business. The best way I know to start your own business is to start a business. The downside though is that the odds are always against you from the onset. You have heard it all […]

Fake news peddlers lie about offering NBS backed loans

So there is an organisation calling itself the Caleb Trust that has sought to capitalise on the value proposition on offer from National Building Society. The only problem is that this organisation is doing this illegally. The Caleb Trust has decided to use two powerful things to prey on the Zimbabwean public: social media and […]