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Brave is a browser of many contradictions

Nobody needs to tell me about how ads are bad and how they break the browsing experience. If you hate ads, especially popup ads, you should know that things are better now. Before extensions like Adblock Plus became popular the internet was like a Wild-West with spammy advertisements launching a dozen popup windows as soon […]

Firefox Is The Most Secure Browser- Germany Cyber Security Agency

Germany’s security agency, Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has discovered that Mozilla’s Firefox browser is the most secure browser. However, the survey only compared Firefox with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge whilst ignoring other popular browsers like Safari,Opera Mini and UC browser. BSI came up with that conclusion after assessing each […]

Mozilla Now Has A Free Encryted File Sending Website

According to Mozilla, they’ve always been committed to people’s security and privacy. Heck, it’s actually part of their Manifesto and because that’s so important to them they recently launched Firefox Send. Send is a free encrypted file transfer service that allows users to safely and simply share files from any browser When you send the file […]

New Google Chrome’s Extension Tells You If Your Password Has Been Hacked Before. You Need It!

Google released a new extension for Chrome that will alert you if one of your username or password combinations is known to have already been breached, according to the company’s blog post. Image Credit: Google blog How it works Whenever you enter your login details on a site, the extension, called Password Checkup, will compare the […]

How To Save A Webpage As A PDF

Everyone eventually comes across a webpage they need to save for sharing with someone or for offline reading. You could just copy and paste the link, but sometimes maybe you are just about to go somewhere where you won’t have an internet connection. The most flexible solution to this problem is to create a PDF […]

Here’s How You Can Install Google Chrome Extensions In The Opera Browser

I use two browsers; Chrome and the underrated Opera Browser. One of the more irritating aspects of using Opera is the fact that the Opera web store has an extremely weak selection of extensions. It borders on unacceptable but this doesn’t move me away from Opera entirely as they have other cool features that I’m […]

Mozilla Is Rebranding Firefox And They Want Your Feedback In Making Their Next Logo

You probably know Mozilla for a number of distinct reasons; at one point you probably used their popular (or formerly popular??) Mozilla Firefox browser. If not that then you know them as the guys with the very cool logo – the one with the curled fox and what not. If not the cool logo there […]

Mozilla Firefox Creators Working On A Voice Controlled Browser: Convenient Or Unnecessary?

The developers behind the popular Firefox browser are working on a very cool project: a voice-controlled browser and thus far they have settled for Scout as the name. Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears. Users will be able to command their browsers using their voice instead of the traditional input devices we […]

Opera Mini is dominating and IE won’t die? Let the stats answer that.

So you have a browser you like to use for whatever reason. Maybe its download resuming capabilities or its data saving features. Either way with the assortment of browsers out there it’s good to know how your favourite window to the web fares amongst the competition. Starting off with mobile browsers. So in Zimbabwe the […]

Choosing a download manager in Ubuntu

Here’s a run through some awesome download managers to use in Ubuntu that ought to give you options, epecially if you are picky about command line software.

Here’s how and why you should disable Flash

I decided to disable Flash player in all my browsers. My laptop has Ubuntu installed on it, and being a security conscious user, I always keep it up to date. After a lot of research I was convinced that Flash was the Achilles heel on my machine, a hack waiting to happen.

Smartphone survey

In the previous instalment there was a lot of debate and impassioned discussion as people championed whatever their favoured smartphone or smartphone Operating system. We live in a country where some statistics are scarce and so for the most part our arguments were fuelled by educated guesses and intuition.

Is Firefox winning the browser war?

The other day I received a tweet that made me fall off my chair, it claimed Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s most used browser. After regaining my composure I followed a few links and despite the much vaunted displacement realised that Chrome’s (all versions) triumph was over Internet Explorer 9, however IE […]