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Mobile Network Operators Revenue Rose Drastically In The 3rd Quarter But So Did Their Operating Costs

Given that mobile network operators and fixed internet providers increased pricing for data, voice and SMS services a number of times during the year it’s no surprise that the revenue for these entities rose quite significantly in the 3rd Quarter. Unfortunately due to the current state of our economy (inflationary pressures) and investments by the […]

Shouldn’t TelOne migrate its major voice clients to VoIP?

Given that Telone is not investing in maintaining or improving their fixed lines infrastructure, shouldn’t it just migrate major customers to VoIP?

Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications predictions for 2014

Deloitte has releases its annual Techonology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) predictions for 2014. The annual TMT report started back in 2001 and this years’ predictions are dominated by mobile devices. Here’s a look at the key predictions. Big five to exceed USD $750 billion in sales Deloitte expects global combined sales of smartphones, tablets, PCs, […]

iWayAfrica in $55k loss for year ending December 2012

The annual report released this past weekend by Masawara also had details of the financial performance of one other internet provider which Masawara has shareholding in; iWayAfrica Zimbabwe. The iWay business also made losses in the year ending 31 December 2012 albeit much lower than uMAX.

ZOL sets the bar higher, introduces $60 ‘unlimited’ broadband

These are exciting times for people looking for more affordable bandwidth. Zimbabwe Online (ZOL), one of Zimbabwe’s largest ISPs, has introduced a low priced broadband product called ZOLite.

How mobile broadband changed everything

Mobile broadband has had a huge positive impact on the connectivity landscape in Zimbabwe. There’s more choice now, more competition, and so many positive outcomes from that. It’s a watershed moment in the country’s connectivity history. Of course, right now the benefits are still clouded by the ridiculous mobile broadband pricing by some operators, but looking back to this moment, when enough competition has taken care of the pricing, it will all be clear just how much of a jump this is.