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The number of fixed telephone lines has increased, why?

So according to the POTRAZ Q2 report, active fixed telephone lines increased by 3.7% from 257,626 to 267,034. And since TelOne is a monopoly (literally) in this field, it follows that we can use it to explain these changes. Active fixed telephone lines as far as POTRAZ is concerned, are those that have been used […]

Shouldn’t TelOne migrate its major voice clients to VoIP?

Given that Telone is not investing in maintaining or improving their fixed lines infrastructure, shouldn’t it just migrate major customers to VoIP?

TelOne ADSL subscribers angry over abrupt disconnections

Irate ADSL subscribers around the country have been contacting us to express their anger with TelOne over ADSL internet disconnections that started about 3 weeks ago. The disconnections are part of the TelOne’s migration to a prepaid platform that we first wrote about here on 2 November.

How To Make Ultra Cheap Calls In Harare

It’s not much of a secret really. So, no dear tech reader, you didn’t just stumble upon a telecoms hacking article. This is just in case you’ve been in a cave these past few weeks and haven’t been checking the print press.

TelOne has been aggressively advertising the availability of more capacity on their Huawei built CDMA platform this whole month. We’re not sure just how much capacity this is, but the calling rates are very attractive and you should consider it.