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How about an internet-less Twitter?

One of the most popular question and answer tags on our Techzim Answers platform is Forgetmenot Africa’s internet-less Facebook, eTXT. The question “how to link facebook with my etxt on my mobile phone?” for example has been viewed some 24,000 times, more than twice the next popular question on the site which has about 11,000 […]

Econet changes eTXT tariffs to weekly and monthly subscription model

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms firm, has changed the tariff model of its eTXT service from per message charging to a weekly and monthly subscription model. eTXT subscribers will now pay US 30 cents a week for unlimited messages, or, if they prefer, $1 for a month’s month. Previously, each eTXT message cost 2 cents. […]

Google’s Gmail SMS for Africa, a case of coming too late with too little

When last week I read on the internet that Google had launched Gmail SMS in Africa, I mostly ignored the news. I remembered reading something along the same lines some several months ago so I assumed Google PR was repurposing the ‘news’ or some international news organization had happened upon the old news and had […]

mTutor marches towards commercial launch on Econet network

After their success at the FMNA ZeTXT Apps Challenge we caught up with the team behind the winning app mTutor to see how much progress they have made to commercialise their product. mTutor the brainchild of developers Prince Kaguda and Douglas Chifetete was a case of second time lucky as they had participated in last […]

FMNA’s JobXpress enables Glo Mobile subscribers to apply for jobs via SMS

ForgetMeNot Africa (FMNA) has launched a new SMS application in Nigeria to allow job seekers to send their CVs to employers via SMS. The new app is live on the Glo Mobile mobile network, an FMNA partner in Nigeria. So far access to the application is free but the network plans to start charging a […]

mTutor wins Forgetmenot app challenge

This weekend witnessed the exciting finale to the Forgetmenot eTXT Apps Challenge (16 – 17 June 2012). The finals featured seven teams of developers three of whom had travelled from outside Zimbabwe’s to participate in the challenge, namely from South Africa and Zambia. The challenge which was organised by Forgetmenot Africa (FMNA) who are based […]

ForgetMeNot Africa announces the Apps Challenge Test Drive shortlist

If you entered an App in the ForgetMeNot Africa eTXT Apps Challenge, we have some good news for you today. ForgetMeNot Africa just released the shortlist of the apps that will fight it out at the finals event, the Test Drive, to be held in Harare in a little over a week from now. If […]

8 days to go before eTXT Apps Challenge deadline. Have you submitted your app yet?

Developers in Zimbabwe have just 8 days, specifically until next week Friday the 25th, to submit their eTXT apps for the ZeTXT Apps Challenge that has been going on since March. The challenge has presented local developers with an opportunity to develop mobile based applications for the eTXT platform available on the Econet network. The best app will win prizes and an opportunity to be launched on the Econet network to earn the developer ongoing revenue.

Presentation: What does it take to cultivate a startup?

Commenting on the presentation made by ForgetmeNot Africa founder and Director of Technology yesterday, the QnA and the discussion that followed, a tech entreprenur at the event described it as “an eye opener”. It indeed was. And this is why we’re sharing the presentation with you here.

eTXT Apps Challenge launch: FMNA founder presents on building successful startups

Last night, ForgetMeNot Africa launched the eTXT Apps Challenge in Harare at a JumpStart event attended by developers, tech entreprenuers and journalists. While the highlight of the night was the launch of the challenge itself (read more about the challenge here) , we found the presentation by ForgetMeNot Software Founder and Director of Technology, John Carroll, quite inspiring.

ForgetMeNot Africa brings the eTXT Apps Challenge to Zimbabwe

Last week we posted that ForgetMeNot Africa has opened up its eTXT platform to 3rd party developers and that the company launched an Apps Challenge in Kenya in partnership with iHub and Safaricom. Well, there’s another announcement this week, more specific to Zimbabwe this time.

eTXT now app platform as ForgetMeNot Africa launches App Challenge

You’ve probably used eTXT a number of times. If not you then at least someone you chat with on Facebook, on Gtalk or just someone you exchange emails with has used the service from a basic SMS only (no internet) mobile phone to communicate with you. ForgetMeNot Africa, the company behind the eTXT platform, has […]

Facebook access without the web. Orange follows FMNA, Gemalto

The one thing clear about telecoms in Africa is that basic phones still rule. There’s another thing too clear to ignore; it is that people on the continent love Facebook. Facebook is so popular, for many Africans Facebook’s the first point of contact with the Internet. Orange has woken up to this fact. The mobile operator will be launching Facebook via USSD in Africa.

Econet slashes price of eTXT chat messages

We just got pointed to an update on the eTXT Facebook application page announcing the slashing of eTXT chat messages from 5 cents a message to 2 cents. Here’s a screenshot of the update.

eTXT service gets ForgetMeNot Africa an AfricaCom award nomination

ForgetMeNot Africa, the developers of the technology powering Econet’s eTXT service, have been nominated for an AfricaCom award in the Best New Service category.

The FMNA’s technology is called Message Optimiser and has been deployed by a total of 6 operators across Africa. Message Optimiser also powers the Dasuba service also available locally and across continent.

The eTXT core system wins awards

The ForgetMeNot Africa system powering Econet’s eTXT service won a Meffy’s award last week in the category for “Best Innovation in a Mobile First Market”. In the category, providers of mobile services and applications are awarded for successful service models in regions of growth where consumers use mobile devices as their first and primary means of internet access.

ForgetMeNot Africa offers free SMS service to Econet numbers

No sooner had we posted the article (and our thoughts) on Free SMS Zimbabwe yesterday than we got pointed to a free SMS service by ForgetMeNot Africa (FMNA). The service is called Dasuba. It’s still in Beta for now but it’s available to anyone with access to the web. Just go to to give it a try. Currently though, you can only send messages to Econet.

Techzim Exclusive Interview with ForgetMeNot Africa COO, Jeremy George

We had an exclusive interview with ForgetMeNot Africa’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy George. We discussed the Message Optimiser (MO), the company’s flagship product. We also discussed its implementation on mobile networks in Africa and the SMS traffic the system processes. At the end of the interview, George give us his opinion on mobile solution trends in Africa especially for basic mobile phones and how he sees tech entrepreneurship in the mobile space.