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Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Today – 6 January

The current bank exchange rates for the ZWL$ today are as follows: USD to ZWL$: 16.8590 ZWL$ to RAND: 0.8515 Data according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Black Market Rates: USD to ZWL$ 22.90 USD to ZWL$ 22.70 USD to ZWL$ 22.70 USD to BOND: 16.7 Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): […]

RBZ Instructs Exporters To Pay For Electricity In Forex

A recent statutory instrument issued out by the RBZ will ensure the never-ending currency confusion in Zimbabwe… never ends. The statutory instrument orders exporters to pay the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) in forex for the next 6 months. Yuhp, remember the use of foreign currencies for local transactions was banned a few months ago? […]

Updated: RBZ Says You Can Get Paid In Forex But You Won’t Be Able To Withdraw Your Funds

An instruction circular from the RBZ to FBC’s management to its staff has leaked and the circular focuses on “Employees Salaries Payments in USD“. The instruction is on the back of what appears to be some regulatory changes at the RBZ. The circular notes that in some instances the RBZ can allow a company to […]

ZANU PF Youth League Deputy Warns Econet To “Stop Abusing EcoCash Facility”

Lewis Matutu, ZANU PF Youth League’s outspoken deputy has come out with a warning for Econet and EcoCash. @econetzimbabwe please stop what you are doing to our economy through the abuse of your Ecocash facility @nickmangwana @NewsDayZimbabwe @HeraldZimbabwe @eNCA — Lewis matutu (@MatutuLewis) July 5, 2019 The youth leader didn’t go into specifics of what […]

Mangudya Says “Social Media In This Country Is Full Of Lies” And He’s Now Dealing With ZimBollar

It seems like The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe chief, John Mangudya has found a new place to throw blame at: social media. During a Question and Answer session before the Parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finance he said: Some people want to spread malicious information so do not confuse indiscipline with communication. Social media in […]

Technically The USD And Other Forex Are Not Banned

The news of the moment definitely is that the Zimbabwean Dollar has made a come back of sorts. The come back goes like so: what we were told to call RTGS dollars in February this year, we are now told to call it Zimbabwean Dollar. The real change is that this ‘Zimbabwean Dollar’ is now […]

Paynet: Banks Owe Us $2.5 Million & Haven’t Paid In 18 Months

Paynet took to their Facebook to address some of the issues regarding their feud with local banks and responded to people who accused them of acting in bad faith and holding the nation at ransom. It’s an interesting thread and one that sheds some light on how the local banking sector operates. You can check […]

Vaya Working On USD Payment Option

If you update your Vaya Africa application to the latest version available in the Google Play Store, you might have stumbled upon the USD payment option which is now part of the application. At the time of writing this option is giving customers the same prices for RTGS$ and USD but this might change once […]

RBZ To Supply Interbank Forex Market With US$500m

The Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe has announced (through their Twitter) that they will be drawing down on a US$500 million fund to supply the Interbank foreign currency exchange market on the 20th of May. What does this solve? The Interbank forex market was created in order to tame the black market but thus far it’s […]

RBZ Issues Guidelines For How Bureaux De Changes Will Operate

Zimbabwe’s  Central Bank has issued a set of operational guidelines “to provide instructions and direction to persons intending to carry on the business of Bureaux de Change in Zimbabwe.” The guidelines include details regarding; Regulatory framework Licensing and Registration of Bureaux De Change Operational Modalities for Bureaux De Change Corporate Governance Supervision and Monitoring of […]

Forex Shortages Cause Roaming Friction For Telecel Customers

If you are one of those people who really still use calls to do business and do a lot of travelling then roaming is something you really consider to be important. If like me you use WhatsApp as a primary means of communication then you do not have to go throw the pains of activating […]

Gvt Drafting Law Which Compels Businesses That Receive Forex From RBZ To Accept Payments In Bond Notes, Says ED

Yesterday, President Mnangagwa said the government is crafting a new law which will compel businesses that get forex from the central bank to sell their products locally in bond notes. Speaking in Kadoma, he said; ………On the other hand they come to queue for foreign currency at the Reserve Bank to buy these drugs from […] Gives Hourly Updates Of Current Forex Rates

Right now our economy seems to be revolving solely on what is happening in the foreign currency markets. Shops are increasing prices because the forex they need to stock is available on a drip-feed and thus everyone else is pricing upwards or exclusively in USD. Because this is the case, keeping up with the USD […]

Online Forex Trading Is Growing In Zimbabwe, We Interviewed One Of The Traders

By Munashe Mukundi We have been getting a lot of chatter regarding online forex trading locally. Some of it has been a little disturbing because it has been driven by people who are doing some kind of ponzi schemes around forex trading. Ponzi schemes are a bad idea. We interviewed a local trader (young guy) […]

[Video] Why Bitcoin in Zimbabwe is costing twice as much as anywhere else

At time of publishing the international price of Bitcoin was $6400 which is almost half of Zimbabwe’s price of $12000. The struggle to perform online payments as well as a desperate search for alternative stores of value is driving the demand for this digital cryptocurrency in Zimbabwe. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number […]

Video: No more international payments via EcoCash… unless you have USD

  As Zimbabwe’s cash crisis worsens, the country’s top mobile money service, EcoCash, has announced that EcoCash that it will no longer be processing international payments unless subscribers pre-fund their wallets with physical United States Dollars: Read more here. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney […]

Forex trading now illegal, BAZ seeking 12 board members, Golix offering jobs in fintech

It has been gazetted that trading in forex on the black market will face arrest and your cash seized by the police. BAZ is in the process of selecting 12 individuals to be in the board. Golix has vacancies for people looking to work in a fintech company. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge […]