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Tag: Fresh in a box Kuda Musasiwa

Fresh In A Box Partners With Battle Of The Chefs’ Joseph Bunga To Deliver Pizza At Your Doorstep

Fresh In A Box has set their sights on a new target – fast food. Yesterday, Fresh In A Box & Joseph Bunga know for his local hit reality TV show Battle of The Chefs – launched Joey’s Pizza and managed to deliver to 130 homes – no small feat! The website itself looks and […]

Fresh In A Box CEO Details Struggles Of Overnight Exponential Growth Brought About By COVID-19

We already know that COIVD-19 has led to exponential growth for some startups. Zoom Meetings grew from 10 million meeting participants a day in December to 200 million in March. Whilst those are incredible numbers and overall a great success for any startup, anyone who runs a business will know that exponential growth of that […]

Here’s How You Can Pay For Netflix Using EcoCash/OneMoney

A few weeks ago we talked about – a payments platform being introduced by Fresh In A Box in order to make it possible for Zimbos to make cross-border payments (that normally require a Visa/Mastercard) using local currency. The service has gone live and will facilitate payments for the following services and more: Netflix […]

[Update] Fresh In A Box Working On Service That Allows You To Pay For Netflix Using EcoCash

Yesterday, Fresh In A Box’s Chief Vendor Kuda Musasiwa announced that Fresh In A Box is working on a tool that will enable zimbos “to pay for stuff like Netflix easily and quickly using EcoCash and OneMoney”. This service will probably be in demand since many people just aren’t interested in getting prefunded debit cards, […]

Watch: Kuda Musasiwa Reveals The Mistake That Started Fresh In A Box

We’ve talked about Fresh In A Box, a budding start-up that’s well known for home delivery of various products. Kuda Musasiwa, the startup’s Vendor-In Cheaf seats down with Newsday founder, Trevor Ncube to talk about how they accidentally started and how they are doing it. Also read: Fresh In A Box Rolling Out QR-Based Store […]