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Mature local startups have struggled in the “pandemic eCommerce boom”

So, we have been saying for a long time that eCommerce is on the up in Zimbabwe and that’s true. We have seen a number of new services, as well as traditional players, adopt online buying and selling. Now, as great as this is, there are some considerable problems that eCommerce based startups have faced […]

The state of eCommerce in Zimbabwe: Why we need our own version of Instacart

I have been watching Zimbabwe’s eCommerce scene for the past decade or so. I like to consider myself an expert or at the very least someone with considerable knowledge of this sector. I will be the first one to admit that things have changed a lot. In the beginning, around 2011 we didn’t even have […]

Local startup Yanaya now offering discounts to CIMAS members

Yanaya is arguably one of the hottest Zimbabwean startups of the year. Imagine my surprise therefore when I was about to start this article and realised we had not yet covered them here at Techzim! I don’t know how such a thing happened but the aim of this article is to correct it. We are […]

Kuda Musasiwa is bullish about Fresh Ideas’ e-commerce platform

@begottensun gave us more information about the e-commerce business builder Fresh Ideas recently launched.

Fresh in a Box caves into customers demand. Finally releases app

One of the most recognisable local eCommerce brands, Fresh in a Box now has a mobile application. Interestingly, the Founder of Fresh in a Box Kuda Musasiwa has always been vocal about not having an app so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the startup now had an app. I reached out to Kuda […]

Duplicating business models from global brands in Zimbabwe

Innovation. Disruption. Original. These are some of the buzzwords in the entrepreneurship arena that every player wishes to be associated with. There have been several new ideas that came in and shook up their respective industries from Apple with the first most adopted graphical user interface computer to Uber destroying the taxi industry in several […]

Fresh In A Box CEO Details Struggles Of Overnight Exponential Growth Brought About By COVID-19

We already know that COIVD-19 has led to exponential growth for some startups. Zoom Meetings grew from 10 million meeting participants a day in December to 200 million in March. Whilst those are incredible numbers and overall a great success for any startup, anyone who runs a business will know that exponential growth of that […]

[Update] Here’s A List Of Efforts By Local Devs & Companies Helping Make Life Easier During The COVID-19 Outbreak

There are many efforts being made locally and globally to help people deal with the novel Coronavirus pandemic and we felt it necessary to share some of the locally available tools that could come in handy during these trying times. PS: If your company has made a tool or offers a service that might be […]

What Impact Has Coronavirus Had On Local Tech Companies & Startups?

Corona Correction… An intriguing term that has been used by some financial analysts to denote how the pandemic has “corrected” and continues to “correct” market valuations for business all over the world. After reading a number of these theories, I was left wondering what kind of impact has the virus dealt to local startups and […]

[Video] Fresh In A Box Founder – We Believe We Are Going To Be The Amazon Of Zimbabwe

Kuda Musasiwa, the Founder of Fresh In A Box recently talked about how the startup disrupted the market by delivering fresh produce direct to customers. Musasiwa gave his 11-minute talk at a Baker Tilly Central Africa College of Knowledge event; Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or […]

Here’s How You Can Pay For Netflix Using EcoCash/OneMoney

A few weeks ago we talked about – a payments platform being introduced by Fresh In A Box in order to make it possible for Zimbos to make cross-border payments (that normally require a Visa/Mastercard) using local currency. The service has gone live and will facilitate payments for the following services and more: Netflix […]

[Update] Fresh In A Box Working On Service That Allows You To Pay For Netflix Using EcoCash

Yesterday, Fresh In A Box’s Chief Vendor Kuda Musasiwa announced that Fresh In A Box is working on a tool that will enable zimbos “to pay for stuff like Netflix easily and quickly using EcoCash and OneMoney”. This service will probably be in demand since many people just aren’t interested in getting prefunded debit cards, […]

3 Lessons We Learnt From Startups In 2019

I’m pretty sure 2019 was a pretty eventful year for all of us but through the good and the not so good, there are always lessons we can take. Here are 3 lessons we learn from 3 startups in 2019: Housing Hub – Solve The Problems In Front Of You This is probably the biggest […]

Fresh In A Box Adds Voice Search & Other Features To Their Website

Fresh In A Box (FIAB) has added some interesting functionality to their website – voice search. The new feature allows buyers to search more effectively throughout the FIAB e-commerce platform. Considering that the platform no longer sells agriculture produce and has extended to health, beauty, laundry, and alcohol among other things having a variety of […]

EcoCash CEO Blocks Entrepreneur On Twitter After He Complained About Agents Charging More For ‘Cashing-Out’

Whilst we were busy ranting about the fuel prices, a war was happening on Twitter between Kuda Musasiwa and Natalie Jabangwe. Kuda Musasiwa is that guy behind Fresh In A Box and Natalie Jabangwe is the CEO of EcoCash– both popular figures. What started as a threat to sue EcoCash for ignoring the practice of […]

EcoFarmer Allegedly Offering Fresh In A Box-Like Service To Their Employees

If you browse through social media, you’ll be surprised at how much hate Econet gets. The hate part isn’t really surprising. What’s surprising is through all those complaints, Econet remains the largest mobile network operator by a longshot. One of the complaints that is brought up time and time again is the claim that Econet […]

NetOne To Engage Entrepreneurs & Content Creators On Local Data Bundle

We recently wrote a piece on local entrepreneurs calling for a local bundle that will improve access to local websites and services. I think the idea is a noble one that will do wonders for all types of local services and content but I wasn’t entirely sure how the networks being asked to do this […]

Entrepreneurs Call For Local Data Bundle To Help Zimbos Access Local Services & Websites

The new data prices have hit Zimbos harder than the army of the dead hit Winterfell and a lot of us are going to have to change our approach when it comes to browsing on the internet using mobile data. Two days ago I stumbled onto an interesting conversation between two local entrepreneurs who happen […]

Lytee Is A Startup That Will Allow You To Hire Workers The Same Way You Would An Uber

Have you ever heard of on-demand services for labour? That’s exactly what Lytee is. If you’re not familiar with what on-demand services are then let me explain further; essentially Lytee is Uber but instead of ordering rides, you’re ordering skilled and unskilled workers. This means you can get plumbers, electricians, IT specialists, someone to walk […]

Government Issues Statement Telling A Start-up To Stop Fuel Home Deliveries

Barely a week after, Fresh In a Box introduced its on-demand fuel home delivery service, the government has stepped in to burst their bubble by instructing them to stop that. The government, through The Ministry of Energy and Power Development, issued a statement saying that fuel cannot be sold if a retailer doesn’t have a […]

Mutumwa Is A Start-up That Makes It Easier To Deliver Anything For You

The on-demand economy is swiftly taking over the traditional business models by serving people with what they want, when they want and where they want. Mutumwa is one of a few new players in the on-demand economy space in Zimbabwe. You can use Mutumwa’s to deliver just about anything. Mutumwa is simply a courier start-up […]

[UPDATED] In Need Of Fuel To Drive Your Old Uncle To The Hospital? This Start-up Can Deliver It To You

Do you remember Fresh In A Box? That startup which is making on-demand home deliveries of vegetables? Those guys are not only delivering vegetables but also fuel to anyone over 60 years old, medical staff and critical care workers. Yes, Fresh In A Box delivers fuel to these kinds of people ONLY as the start-up says […]

Meet Fresh In A Box, A Start-up That’s Winning The Hearts Of Many With Its Home Delivery Of Vegetables

When I start to talk about home delivery, immediately, pizza or fast food rings a bell. But a certain start-up is delivering (home delivery) a different type of food, with fewer calories too, to homes. Fresh in a box is a new start-up that has lately excited the hearts of many with its home delivery […]