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Tag: Fuel

Yo Mix Adds Fuel Finder To List Of Features

The most recent Yo Mix update comes with an interesting feature – a fuel finder. Whilst the update is welcome it’s a bit interesting coming from Yo Mix. The fuel finder is really simple – you simply open up Yo Mix > Services > Fuel Finder. A map will open up with fuel icons scattered […]

ZUVA Introduces FCA Cards (USD) Which Will Guarantee Fuel And Shorter Queues For Holders

If you thought Nostro’s and FCA’s were only relevant in the realm of banking; THINK AGAIN! Zuva Petroleum has introduced their own FCA card and considering the fuel situation in our country one can understand why this card may be a necessity for these companies to get their own fuel into the country. How can […]

[UPDATED] In Need Of Fuel To Drive Your Old Uncle To The Hospital? This Start-up Can Deliver It To You

Do you remember Fresh In A Box? That startup which is making on-demand home deliveries of vegetables? Those guys are not only delivering vegetables but also fuel to anyone over 60 years old, medical staff and critical care workers. Yes, Fresh In A Box delivers fuel to these kinds of people ONLY as the start-up says […]

Government Announces Fuel Price Increases

Following a request by the Finance Minister, the prices of diesel and petrol have gone up this week. Zimbabwe’s energy authorities the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) announced the new recommended prices with petrol now selling at $1.38 per litre and diesel $1.34. The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority advises that in terms of the Statutory Instrument […]

Can you help me, where is the fuel in Zimbabwe?

Those of us who live in Zimbabwe have recently been exposed to a cash crisis that has hit our economy and along with it, an all too familiar era of fuel shortages has started to occur as a result. According to an assessment done by the Financial Gazette, a local business weekly, most fuel stations […]

Get ahead of the queue, buy your fuel online

I always wondered why people used the Total Smart Card to buy fuel for their cars. To be honest, I thought it was a futile attempt to show status. Of course if you are a business owner or have the buying decision in any organisation, the Total Smart Card has always made sense. This is […]