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Video: Cool gadgets under $150

It’s actually 9 gadgets anf in this video we have split them into categories that include wearables, home entertainment and grooming & hygene. There is an assortment of them from smartwatches and sound bars to hair trimmers and soap dispensers and each product goes for less than 150 bucks.

Video: 5 cool tech gadgets under 50 bucks

5 Cool tech gadgets that you can get for under $50. This includes some speakers, car accessories and some tech accessories that have no tech inside them.

Samsung unveils 5 new devices including Galaxy Note 20 series

Yesterday, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. hosted its first-ever Galaxy Unpacked virtual event livestreamed from Korea to introduce a new suite of power devices. Five devices were revealed during the event, that seamlessly integrate to empower consumers navigating a rapidly changing world: Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra, the most powerful Note series yet; Tab S7 […]

App developers, apply for AppsAfrica Innovation Awards 2020

Entries are now open for the sixth annual AppsAfrica Innovation Awards which celebrate the best in mobile and technology from across Africa, showcasing the continents best innovations across 12 categories. The Awards continue to be a leading barometer of innovation across the continent and provide finalists and winners with global publicity, recognition and networking with industry leaders and investors. […]

Introducing Deals Friday

Fridays were not meant to be ordinary yet here on Techzim they have been almost just that. Not anymore. Starting this Friday, we now feature a unique deal every Friday. How does that work? We will feature one gadget (well does not need to be a gadget every time). We will look around for as […]

Sense’s half a million dollars on KickStarter in just 2 days is not surprising

It’s easy to dismiss a small electronic ball on your bedside that helps you get better sleep as trivial technology, but when you consider how sleep seriously affects every part of your life it’s easier to see how needle-shifting it is. Your work, your stress levels, how safe you are driving, I could go on and on. It’s no wonder […]

Amazon launches the Fire Phone. Nothing here, let’s move on

Amazon’s launch of it’s new product line, a smartphone called Fire Phone, isn’t really news. Well, unless you’re in the US and unless you’re want a phone who primary goal is to sell you other Amazon services. It’s honestly quite irrelevant for us out here in the rest of the world. For starters, the phone will be available exclusively on a US […]

Lies, damn lies, entrepreneurship and Africans supporting each other

The life of a startup entrepreneurship is anything but easy. Anywhere in the world really. What is considered the normal failure rate is nothing short of scary and alarming. Very close to all startup companies are headed for failure before they can become anything, again, anywhere in the world. The odds are stacked against the entrepreneur so much, any break anyone can […]

CES 2014 day one round up

The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES 2014) kicked off in Las Vegas, Navada today (technically yesterday with pre-event announcements from different consumer brands). For those not in the loop, the CES is an annual gathering of the top global consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers. Techzim will be giving you a round-up of each days proceedings, […]

The wearable technology craze

Human beings can be crazy when when it comes to technology-or anything for that matter-so much sometimes they subscribe to the weirdest notions. Take for example dog clothes and Doggles that will cost you prices north of $100. Then there are Snuggies and electric blankets.

African company introduces solar powered ‘business in a box’ phone charger

Remember Econet’s Green Kiosk chargers? A Swaziland based company has just launched a solution along those lines, with the only difference that theirs is just the charging solution and it can be conveniently carried around easily.

Ubuntu how to: moving databases

I recently wanted to move a database from one computer to another. Fortunately I found a welcome guide at Moving the files is not really difficult, you can use FTP. Moving the database is a bit more challenging however.

How to: Using a CDMA modem to connect to the internet in Ubuntu

Two weeks ago, I posted an article on how to connect to the internet using mobile broadband (the dongles) in this Ubuntu How-to series of articles. The article solicited some great comments from readers with some comments providing alternative methods.

How to: Ubuntu and the Intex wireless adapter

A few months ago a friend lend me his laptop and I did what I always do; partitioned it and installed the latest Ubuntu operating system. It was a pretty old machine so the built in wireless card was no good. So I decided to do a little shopping and I was captivated by the Intex usb wireless adapter: it is cheap (about $14 in most shops) and portable (no larger than a flash disk). The downside, as I later discovered the hard way, is that this adapter requires a little tweaking to work with Ubuntu.

Zim G-Tide Distributor Introduces New Range Of Local Computers

We met with the G-Holdings CEO, Munyaradzi Gwatidzo, at the G-Holdings offices in Harare a week ago. Revealing the plans to launch the consumer gadgets line, Gwatidzo confirmed that the G-Tide mobile handsets have been a huge success and it only made sense to expand and introduce some locally branded gadgets for the market.