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Interview: Founder Of TechVillage Takunda Chingonzo – “Game Development Is More Than Elegant Code”

We sat down with the founder of the TechVillage, Takunda Chingonzo and spoke to him at length about the gaming accelerator Tech Village and Elevate partnered on last year. The expectation on our end was that we would see games out the of the accelerator but this was not to be for a host of […]

World Health Organization Now Recognizes “Gaming Disorder” As An Illness

The World Health Organization (WHO), the has officially added “gaming disorder” to its registry of officially recognized diseases. All 194 members of WHO unanimously agreed on this resolution. According to WHO, the disease (gaming disorder) is characterized as “impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming […]

Manzwi Is A Simple But Addictive Game Developed By Locals

I recently bumped into a Twitter thread mentioning a game called Manzwi developed by locals. Though I’m not enthusiastic about gaming on my phone I thought I would give it a try and after doing so, I’ve been impressed. Manzwi is a Shona word puzzle game and the author’s description on the Play Store states […]

Techzim Readers Share Their Gaming Stories And Experiences

We asked you to share your gaming experience with us and some of you have already sent their responses.  We will be publishing your gaming stories as they come.  Here are some of the gaming stories we have received so far ……   1 Name of Player: Pierre Game: Red Dead Redemption 2. 3rd person RPG. […]

Republic Of Gamers : How big is gaming in Zimbabwe?

Entertainment is not all that big in Zimbabwe, more so when looking at the case of local gamers and how gaming communities are so isolated. Looking at our neighbor South Africa we could see how big gaming is in our region, where there are forums as well as commercial LAN and online gaming tournaments. Me […]