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Tag: Generation Z

[Update] Fayaz King Rocked Techzim’s Gen Z Masterclass Last Night, You Need To Join That Group!

2 weeks ago, we started the Techzim Masterclass and the thinking behind the masterclass was meant to engage with the younger generation whilst also giving them something that would add tangible value. As we are always taking a trial and error approach to things, we felt that WhatsApp would be the best way to meet […]

Empowering Generation Z Through Technology

Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom’s Group CTIO, explains how access to technology can inspire a new generation of African techies. The future of Africa belongs to Generation Z. As the world’s youngest region, approximately 20% of Africa’s population is currently aged between 15 and 24. But the hope and promise of this generation also presents potential […]

Liquid Releases Report On The New Emerging Digital Generation: Here’s What I Found Interesting

Liquid Telecoms has released a report that details how the emerging generation in Africa will impact society going forward. The generation born from 1995 to early noughties is usually termed Generation Z and this is the generation Liquid’s report focuses on. The document is particularly interesting because the report highlights some key differences between the […]