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Civil servants opening FCA accounts will be charged less by banks says George Charamba

Last week, we wrote an article aimed at helping civil servants looking to choose a bank to open an FCA account with. The article had account opening, debit card issuance and service fees for over 10 banks but it seems its use has been diminished since the government has intervened and announced that civil servants […]

George Charamba MUST Comment On Social Media Role In Cyclone Idai Relief

The long serving spokesperson to the president who has served two presidents has quite the low opinion of social media. He has blamed social media for a number of things in the last couple of years. He loves to give these smirky, ‘clever’ and dismissive comments about the technology. War on social media Charamba once […]

“The Twitter Account Is Mine” Says President Mnangagwa. He Posts His Opinions And Sentiments On It

Reports that the Presidential communications department is dysfunctional are probably true because so much contradictory is being said. Last week Presidential spokesman, Goerge Charamba said we shouldn’t believe things said on the President’s Twitter account. But now the president himself is saying that we should believe what he says on Twitter because it’s his account […]

President’s Spokesperson Says Investors Don’t Need Internet, They Need Peace

This is not an April’s fool’s joke or a headline from 1997. The President’s Spokesperson, George Charamba came out and said that investors coming to Zimbabwe have no need for the internet. During an interview with Capitalkfm the President’s spokesperson said: Let’s not over dramatise. Investors don’t need the internet when they come to Zimbabwe. […]

Confusion On Twitter: Who Really Speaks For President Mnangagwa?

So President Emmerson Mnangagwa is the first Zimbabwean president to have a social media presence. Well, we have only had three presidents in our 40 year history as a country called Zimbabwe! Point is though, the president embraced social media immediately upon taking his first oath of office. He announced his presence with a video […]

President’s Spokesperson Says Don’t Believe Everything Coming From Mnangagwa’s Twitter Account

When the President joined Twitter back in 2017, many of us were quite relieved at the prospect of a president who isn’t a dinosaur. Put together with the President’s statements on embracing technology many were really excited at the prospects of a tech revival in the country. So far, this is yet to come to […]

President Mnangagwa’s Spokesman Justifies Internet Blackout, Reveals Ignorance On The Internet Itself

Gearge Charamba is in Eastern Europe on a tour with President Mnangagwa. He made comments on the shutdown of the internet by the government in an interview with the ZBC whilst on this trip. At least he has not issued a silly lie like the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi. […]

MDC-T Vice President Gutu Says Cyberbullying Doesn’t Affect Him Because Of His Thick Skin

2019 might be the year cyberbulling becomes a serious conversation in our lands. After the issue concerning the Masiyiwa’s and the removal of their Twitter accounts, it seems other influential figures have joined the conversation and this time MDC-T Vice President Gutu took to his own Twitter and commented on cyberbullying and how he reacts […]

Was Tsitsi Masiyiwa Really Bullied On Twitter?

2019 has started with a bang already and it’s no surprise that the drama is coming from Twitter. Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi quit Twitter because they felt there was cyberbullying being directed towards Tsitsi. Mrs Masiyiwa had tweeted: Some outcries and actions in pursuit of justice seem and look so right until you […]

Zimbabwe Government Now Taking Social Media Seriously And Not As A Threat, Maybe It Is A New Dispensation

A few days ago Nick Mangwana who we all just knew from Twitter was appointed the new Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services. He then quickly announced that he was unblocking some people he had blocked on Twitter since he was now a public servant and he had to engage with […]

President Mnangagwa Appoints Nick Mangwana To Replace George Charamba As Information And Broadcasting Services Perm Sec

George Charamba has been the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services for a long time. The president has moved him to a new position where he is now the Deputy Chief Secretary for Presidential Communications. Funny that a lot of people who have been replaced have had new positions created for […]

George Charamba Denies Having A Twitter Account After He Was Attributed For Posting Controversial ‘Tweets’: It Only Makes Verified Accounts A Necessity For Public Officials

Georges Charamba, the President’s Spokesman, has denied having a Twitter account following an allegedly fake account attributed to him posted controversial tweets. The twitter account ‘tweeted’ calling for the disqualification of MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa in a presidential run-off should it happen. In June, George Charamba, deactivated the only Twitter account he acknowledged to be […]

Presidential Spokesman, George Charamba Deletes Twitter Account Due To ‘Abusive Replies’

At one point or another, we have all wished to be popular. But public figures don’t always have it easy, especially in the age of Internet trolls. The word ‘troll’ is slang for a person who deliberately starts arguments on the internet with the aim of provoking an individual or group into a reaction. And […]

Local Engineers Take Over From The Chinese To Complete The Digital Migration Project

Local engineers have now assumed control of installing radio and television transmitters in Chikombedzi as the government pushes to complete digital migration. This comes as result of Government parted ways with Chinese contractors two years ago because of a misunderstanding on the cost of the project. The government underestimated the cost of the project while the […]

Govt Gives $6million To Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe For The Digital Migration Project, $103million Still Needed

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has received $6 million from the government as part of the $22 million allocated in the 2018 National Budget for completing the digitization process. George Charamba, Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services stated that the money will be channeled to the construction of transmission sites nationwide. He said: We […]

George Charamba Says Government To Soon Invite Applicants For 12 TV Licenses, Warns Entrepreneurs To Be Ready

In an interview on Monday with ZiFM Stereo, George Charamba confirmed that the government will soon invite applications to bid for 12 new TV licenses. He said the government will start to accept applications soon after it secures the supply of decoders they need for digital migration. And a tender will soon be floated for […]

What If There Was Never Any $15 Billion To Start With?

I almost wrote this article five weeks ago but I aborted mission. First, I asked myself what mining had to do with Techzim and then I was a bit scared to antagonise the readership here with nothing but my conjecture. Why have I written the article now? First, it’s about the macro economics not mining […]

Zanu-PF politicians on Kwese TV: Sudden progressive thinking or just usual politics?

Yesterday, through an article in The Herald, some unnamed people (who are probably just either the media & broadcasting services ministry, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, or a media parastatal under the ministry) accused Dr. Dish of lobbying politicians in their drive to establish Kwese TV services in Zimbabwe. If you have been following the stories around the […]

Financial realities stall Zimbabwe’s digitilisation as goodwill shared between government & Huawei runs out

Charamba also pointed out the goodwill shared between Zimbabwe and Huawei had been exhausted. The Chinese firm has since has halted any work on the project and only the release of the $29 million will get it back on track.

Government explains why it pulled plug on ZBC/Kwesé TV deal & English football on ZTV, exposes its hypocrisy

image credit – Manchester United Facebook Page We recently mentioned how a content sharing deal that had been entered into by Zimbabwe’s national broadcaster ZBC and Econet’s Kwesé Free Sports collapsed under unclear circumstances. Under the arrangement, ZBC’s ZTV was able to flight content from the 2016 Olympics as well as one live English Premier League […]

Digital TV is now months away as digital migration enters content production phase

The digital migration exercise which was a focal point for national broadcast service providers last year has entered into the content production phase and every Zimbabwean is expected to have access to digital television by March this year.

BAZ signs Eutelsat for digital migration satellite capacity; service to launch in 2016

Now, in its latest announcement, Eutelsat has mentioned that it has sealed a three-year contract with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) for capacity in Ku-band on the EUTELSAT 3B satellite.

Govt sets aside $18 million for decoders in next stage of digital migration

In an interview with the Sunday Mail, Charamba mentioned that a distributor for the 400,000 set top boxes necessary for digital migration had been identified and an order had been placed, with the transaction set to cost $18 million.

George Charamba’s Memo exposes both the ZBC and the Ministry

Today the Herald published a damning leaked Memo written by the Secretary for Media, Information and Publicity George Charamba directed to the former Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, Minister Webster Shamu. The Memo dated 1 November 2012 largely criticised the way suspended ZBC CEO Happison Muchechetere ran the state broadcaster (to the ground, it […]