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Tag: GitHub

How To Get Dark Mode On WhatsApp For Desktop 

While WhatsApp boasts a range of cool features, it’s lagging behind many other messaging apps including its sibling, Facebook Messenger, when it comes to the implementation of dark mode. As someone who sometimes work on WhatsApp Desktop especially while working on a computer, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of a native dark mode in the […]

GitHub Is Now Offering Free Unlimited Private Repositories

There was a furore when Microsoft announced that they had acquired GitHub, the most popular Git repository which acts as the home of most FOSS (free and open-source software ) projects. Many felt that given Microsoft’s antipathy against projects such as Linux, the acquisition was some sort of elaborate Trojan horse scheme. Those fears appear […]

How we use Git for collaboration at BitFinance (A Zimbabwean tech startup shares)

I’m leading a team of 6 developers who are working in different geographies across different working hours, and the best investment I’ve made on behalf of the company so far, is getting us on GitHub. Just to give you some background information, our platform, BitcoinFundi, is built on Ruby on Rails but it’s more than […]

University Students: Here’s free access to GitHub & 13 other great developer tools

Some of the most powerful developer tools on the internet come at a price usually affordable to students. Tools like Github, the code repository, which costs at least $7 a month to get a private repository. Other great tools as well like SendGrid, Stripe and HackHands have a steep price tag on them for students. To remove this […]

10 great tools for tech startups

Anyone who is part of a startup will tell you that the road is hardly easy. There’s a need to put on many hats to get the job done as startups are lean organisations that can hardly afford to hire someone for every role. Thanks to various tech tools some of the work is made easier […]