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5 winners selected for the Muzinda Hub business competition

One of the highlights, locally, was the Muzinda Hub Business Plan Competition which was the technology hub and training centre’s continental tech startup challenge. The finals of the event, which were streamed and held live via Google Handouts with 10 startups vying for recognition resulted in 5 startups being selected as winners.

Telecel under the government, Propertybook, Steward Bank agents, Startup competitions – Podcast

We discuss the future of Telecel in this podcast, along with talks on a real estate listings startup called Propertybook, the Steward bank agent banking partnership with Zimpost and the startup competitions happening locally as Global Entrepreneurship Week comes to a close. One other issue touched on is the Startup Challenge and its absence from the calendar this year.

Muzinda Hub hosting business competition for tech startups

Now, to round off 2015, Muzinda Hub is launching its inaugural business plan competition targeted at African tech entrepreneurs with a business idea that rests on a web or app-based solution.

Food Match are the winners of Startup Weekend Harare

The second edition of Startup Weekend Harare came to an end this afternoon with Food Match being selected as the winner of the 54 hour tech entrepreneurship building marathon. Food Match was working on a platform that identifies and sources from retailers perishable food that is about to expire. It then sells this inventory at […]

5 startup ideas shortlisted on the first night of Startup Weekend Harare

The second edition of the Startup Weekend Harare started off tonight at Hypercube Hub with several ideas being pitched by the aspiring tech entrepreneurs keen on validating their solutions. The night was started by a talk from saisai cofounder and startup entrepreneur Takunda Chingonzo who shared his own experiences in forming a tech startup. This […]

The reason why most startups fail

So now you have quit your job and finally gotten around to actually starting your dream startup. Maybe it’s that irresistible website, the app that is going to be the next big thing or whatever million dollar idea that has been brewing in your mind for a while. You have gathered up enough courage and […]

Entrepreneurs’ mind fuel: 5 must-reads for tech startups

Entrepreneurs always have a huge appetite for success which is fueled by different thoughts, beliefs and circumstances. Tech startups, or rather, the people behind them are no different. To stoke this drive and ambition, it’s always good to pick the minds of others who have walked the entrepreneurial journey and look beyond your immediate environment. […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off: What’s lined up for Zim?

The 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week has kicked off with 140 countries hosting events in line with entrepreneurship and business success for the next few days. The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a celebration of innovation and the entrepreneurs behind viable startups that turn into contributors to world economies. Global Entrepreneurship Week is meant to inspire […]

Startup Weekend Harare returns

In May this year, the first ever Zimbabwean edition of the Startup Weekend was held at Hypercube in Harare. The good news for those interested in being part of it is that the tech entrepreneurship event is headed this way again, with this edition set to run from the 21st to the 23rd of November […]

StartupBus Africa: A list of the 8 startups that came out of the trip #SUBA13

Last week, a bus left Harare with a group of ‘buspreneurs’. Their mission couldn’t have been more exciting. On the bus, for 4 days on their way to the southern tip of the continent in Cape Town, they would form teams, come up with ideas and build startups that would be pitched at the destination. […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) kicks off today. Startup events lined up in Harare

The Global Entrepreneurship (GEW) Week kicks off today and entrepreneurs all over the globe will be locked in activities and events that will help them develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Zimbabwe has not been left out as GEW local partners have organised events taking place throughout the course of the week. Although none of the events […]