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WhatsApp is testing end-to-end encrypted chat backups

Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has announced in a blog post that it is planning to give its users the option to protect their chats using end-to-end encryption. What this essentially means is that the same technology that protects your chats from being read by anyone other than the sender or receiver will now be available […]

Now that the free ride is over here is how to expand your Google Photos storage

Prior to this month, you could upload high-quality photos (refers to size) to your heart’s content. Google Photos didn’t have a cap, however, that’s no longer the case. Now free users are limited to 15GB of storage which might seem like a lot but actually isn’t depending on how many photos you want to back […]

Reminder: Google Photos is ending its unlimited offer on 1 June

A big deal that’s not a big deal.

Doing simple backups to Google Drive on Ubuntu 20.04

Backups are important folks.

Google’s outage in numbers

A look at the number of people and the money lost during Google’s massive outage that lasted nearly an hour this afternoon.

YouTube, Gmail and other Google services are down

Gmail and other Google servies are down. The outage started a short while ago with users reporting that they couldn’t access google services.

I Lost My Chats & Contacts Switching Phones, Avoid That Pain By Doing This

6 days ago I bought a new phone – if you have nerdy side that obsesses over gadgets you’ll already know how blissful that experience is. As with any beautiful story there are some humps along the way and mine came whilst setting up the new device. I won’t bore you with the details of […]

How To Restore Lost WhatsApp Chats/Messages

It can really suck to lose your well preserved romantic WhatsApp chats that your significant other sent you or just chats with very useful information your friend sent you.  You may not know it but there are some tricks you can do to restore these cherished WhatsApp chats. Here the tricks: First Trick- Recovering messages […]

Whatsapp Partners With Google To Bring Unlimited Cloud Backups Via Google Drive

In an unlikely but welcome union, WhatsApp has joined forces with Google to ensure that Google Drive backups on the cloud become unlimited to WhatsApp users. I’m sure at some point we’ve come across a prompt on WhatsApp to backup chats, and the prompt also asks if backups will be stored locally or on Google […]

Google Drive desktop app is getting shut down soon

Google recently announced that the Google Drive desktop app for Windows PC and Mac laptops will no longer be supported by the companies developer from 11 December 2017. A few months after that date, on 12 March 2018, the Google Drive desktop app will be completely shut down. Throughout October, if you were using Google […]

WhatsApp toying with the idea to let you save your messages to Google Drive

While the iOS users are just crashing into the WhatsApp calling party, those Android folks still have something to brag about to those folks who are on other platforms. As pointed out in an early article as of WhatsApp Android version 2.12.45 there is an option that allows users to back up their chat conversions not […]

WhatsApp calls show up on iOS as IM platform ushers in several updates

I respect the way Apple has created its own robust ecosystem, a little exclusive island of sorts actually. iOS users do things at their own pace. It’s not for everyone though. This members-only thing is only awesome when it’s done by the market leader, something that Nokia Windows is figuring out painfully. There’s also the […]

We need an accessible cloud in Zimbabwe

I don’t know when it began, but it has been going on for a while now in the boutiques and other indigenous clothes stores. As soon as you enter the store you notice that all the clothes have no price tags. A creepy guy or lady follows you around as you go around the racks. […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn review: deceptively simple

Just over a week ago Canonical the people behind Ubuntu released its latest iteration of its flag ship operating system nick named Utopic Unicorn. The release also coincided with Ubuntu’s 10th birthday. For an operating system named after a magical creature, the release might strike some of you as somewhat overwhelmingly similar to the previous […]

Popcorn Time returns, Google Drive slashes prices : Regional & global round up

Google Drive price cuts set to trigger a wave of Storage Wars (Techcrunch)  Google Drive recently slashed the price of its storage plans to $9.99 per month for 1 TB of storage. This undercuts all its competitors in the storage space such as Dropbox ($9.99 per month for 100GB), SugarSync ($55 per month for 1TB […]

What if you lost your laptop…would you lose your data too?

On Friday, as routine I passed through Mdala Ngwenya’s office which is along main street one of the busiest streets in Bulawayo. I was greeted by a young man working on a pc in the other office adjacent to the reception. I sat for a while at reception area just browsing the net from my phone. A friend joined me later and we chatted briefly. I then decided to top up my airtime credit so we left the office to buy airtime credit just a few metres away from Mdala Ngwenya’s office. Within ten minutes I was back in the office and the friend left. I momentarily fumbled with the phone and all of a sudden I noticed my laptop bag had vanished from the reception table.

Google launches Google Drive, a cloud storage & file management solution

Yesterday, Google finally launched its much hyped cloud and document management system, Google Drive. The cloud storage service basically makes managing, sharing and backing up files an easier and seamless task as users switch from one device to another. Google Drive is launching with 5GB free storage. Users will need to pay for more storage; about US $2.49 a month for an additional 25GB. It’s gets cheaper as you buy more space.