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Google is now 23, here is how the company has changed how we use the internet

Google turns 23 this week. I was a wee lad when Google was founded back in 1998 and the only knowledge I had of computers was from the “Demolition Man” and Angelina Jolie’s classic “Hackers”. It was only later that I touched one when I was in my last year of high school. It took […]

Devices on these Android versions won’t be able to sign in to Google apps after 27/09/2021

If you are running Android version 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) or older, you will not be able to sign in to Google services and apps starting from the 27th of September 2021. According to a report by 91mobiles you will not be able to use Gmail, YouTube, the Play Store and Google Drive through devices that have […]

You need to uninstall these apps from your Android phone & change your Facebook Password

One of the things they tell you when you have an Android phone, tablet or some other device is not to sideload software because this is the easiest way to pick up viruses. The presumption is that everything in the official Play Store is kosher. However, nothing can be further from the truth. As we […]

Beware of malicious Android notifications

No honour among thieves

Apple is in trouble

Everyone wants a bite.

Google responds to WebView update that crashed apps

New rollouts are going to be different.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a million times better than the 2017 release

You won’t even feel the 4hr runtime

World’s most popular game removed from Apple & Google Play Store

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for Fortnite. The battle royale game which has been downloaded over 2 billion times from Apple and Google’s Stores respectively was removed from both platforms. What did Epic Games do? The Fortnite developer pushed an update that allowed users on iOS and Android devices to bypass Apple and Android’s […]

More Apps Containing Malware Removed From Google’s Play Store

At least 38 applications were removed from Google’s Play Store for containing malware. The developers of these apps were able to get their apps on to the Play Store’s by disabling malicious adware functions inside the source code. The discovery was made by White Ops, they then reported their findings to Google. What they found […]

Fortnite Mobile Finally Available On Play Store: Epic Games Finally Willing To Share Revenue With Google

Epic Games – the developer behind Fortnite chose a pretty unusual method to roll out Fornite the most popular game in the world when it came to Android. The developer chose to leave Google in the cold, offering Fortnite via Epic Games store instead since they didn’t want Google taking a piece of the pie […]

How Malicious Applications Operate On Your Phone

Secure-D, an anti-fraud organisation that detects and blocks mobile ad fraud, has released a report on mobile ad fraud and its impacts on users. Part of the report explains how malware designed for mobile ad fraud works on our smartphones. Distribution The initial stage of mobile ad fraud is distribution. This is when fraudsters trick […]

53 Organisations Ask Google To Do Away With Pre-installed Bloatware In Open Letter

Privacy International and 52 other organisations have penned an open letter to the CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai asking Google to take action against “exploitative pre-installed software on Android devices”. The letter basically complains about the existence of pre-installed apps that can’t be deleted. Some of the reasons why the organisations who complained about pre-installed […]

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps On The Play Store

When Facebook announced that they would be allowing cryptocurrency advertisements back on Facebook, I thought Google would follow suit and bring back the ads to Google ads as well. My thinking at the  time was, “Google and Facebook are rivals when it comes to advertising. Google will probably follow suit so that Facebook doesn’t take […]

Local Developers Make Self-Valuation App To Help You Meet Your Goals

One of our biggest weaknesses is following through with targets we set for ourselves. We are constantly setting lofty goals, and at times even plotting the path to victory. For whatever reason however sometimes we just don’t take the necessary steps to reach these goals. Evaluate My Future (EMF) is a self-valuation and motivational app […]

Local Developers Can Now Publish Paid Apps On Google’s Play Store

Local developers who had paid apps (or apps with paid features) on the Play Store, had been living on edge as their apps had payment methods that were not in line with Google’s payment service. It seems like there might be light at the end of that tunnel as Developers in Zimbabwe can now publish […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Choose Who To Inform When You Change Your Number

WhatsApp has added a new feature that lets you choose who to inform when you have changed your WhatsApp number. Currently, when a user changes their phone number they can migrate all their contacts, groups and chats to their new number and everyone will see it that you have changed your number. This would inform […]

Google Now Accepts Kenyan Mobile Money M-Pesa, Is Ecocash Next?

Kenya’s mobile money service M-Pesa (Kenyan Ecocash for the uninitiated) can now be used to pay for apps, and games on Google’s Play Store. This is great news as the lack of payment options has remained one of the barriers for Africans looking to buy goods and services online as the e-commerce stores usually only […]

Beware of fake WhatsApps on the Play Store, check for this before downloading or updating

We have all experienced this, you are looking for an app on the official Android app store, the Play Store. You search for the app and the results show multiple apps with small variations in their names and icons. You have to be a ninja to know which one to download, much like it is […]

Google Play Store to improve visibility of high quality apps

There were just over 3,000,000 apps on the official android app store as of June 2017 and thousands are being added daily, some of them being utter garbage. If you often try out new apps you no doubt have come across terribly coded, constantly crashing, battery draining abominations and sometimes they would appear at the […]

Getting the golden ticket for the new Gmail Inbox

I have an exceedingly messy email inbox! There I have said it. I have 999+ unread emails that always hang in the corner of my eye as I read the one or two emails that I can read before the guilt gets too much and I have to close the app. They say that admitting […]

Facebook’s makes its way to Tanzania

A little over a few months ago, the Facebook owned, non-profit organisation, debuted a service in Zambia via an app that allowed locals to access a curated list of services on the web for free. Part of the promise included the expansion to other countries across Africa and standing true to their promise, that […]

Looking for the latest Zim Dancehall? Check out this app

Still looking for a smart way tech can bring you your favourite Zimdancehall music to your phone, especially the latest tracks and information?  Well you might be pleased to know that there’s now a Zim Dancehall app that offers a solution to this. The application, simply called the Zimdancehall App, is in beta phase and is […]

Why Google Now is the best launcher for your Android phone

Customisation – It’s probably one of the many reasons why Android has become so ubiquitous. Android allows you to tinker with your phone as you please, to tailor it to your own needs. As a result the choices have become so abundant. For a person who has played with just about any launcher out there […]

Downloading WhatsApp and other apps on your PC

Vendors at various locations in the capital, including Copa Cabana Terminus and Gulf Complex, make a killing selling ( they call it “loading”) music onto people’s phones. Whilst people can debate the legality of this practice, it is the practice of asking people to pay fees ranging from $2-$5 to have apps like WhatsApp and […]

Facebook for Android app gets a performance bump

  Last week social media giant Facebook issued an update to its app that has a much needed performance tweak. It’s now more lighter, more faster than ever. It goes all the way down to the detail. This is a major refresh since it’s very first incarnation. The app is now 50 percent faster to […]