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Fortnite Mobile Finally Available On Play Store: Epic Games Finally Willing To Share Revenue With Google

Epic Games – the developer behind Fortnite chose a pretty unusual method to roll out Fornite the most popular game in the world when it came to Android. The developer chose to leave Google in the cold, offering Fortnite via Epic Games store instead since they didn’t want Google taking a piece of the pie […]

Google Play Protect – an answer to making sure apps are safe for you to download

Google has recently started to update their Play Store with a new feature called Google Play Protect. The feature is available on Android phones and also in the Play Store. Google Play Protect will scan all apps in the Play Store frequently to make sure that they are safe for people to download. It will also show […]

Local language tool ShonaApp registers over 10,000 downloads, growth powered by WhatsApp distribution

ShonaApp has so far registered over 10,000 downloads. This uptake has been enabled by some changes made to the app that include adding backwards compatibility to Android 2.2 devices and extending distribution platforms to include WhatsApp.

An open letter to Google from an African software developer

A Zimbabwean developer, Gedion Moyo, has decided to draw attention to this exclusion and has started a petition on . He has published an open letter to Google’s top brass and in it he outlines the challenge faced by developers who want to monetise their efforts rather than rely on donations.

Soccer 24 team introduces Footballzone magazine- a digital platform for Zim soccer

Soccer 24 has introduced a monthly football magazine called Footballzone. This magazine is supposed to bring fans closer to Zimbabwean football through content which includes exclusive interviews player profiles, and special club features, with some inside perspectives from football stakeholders.

Zimbabweans miss another opportunity as game developers cash in on Cecil The Lion

Well after Cecil The Lion became an American Dentist’s victim and just when we thought we’d moved past it, it turns out in the world of tech, specifically mobile gaming, others are keen on making something out of the Lion.

If you’re on Android and you’ve misplaced your phone, just Google it

If you are using an Android device you’ll probably be pleased by the couple of developments that have come out of Google in the past 24 hours. The first development concerns locating your device. If you can’t find your phone or tablet, but have access to a computer, log-in with your Google credentials and just […]

Android developers, there’s a new way to promote your app on Google Play

Zimbabwe isn’t the only country big on Android. With a presence in 190 countries and more than 1 billion users of the Operating system, it’s safe to say that this system has a vast market that ought to give its app developers enough incentive to work on apps for a market beyond their immediate geography. Which […]

Here’s how you can run Android apps on your Chrome Browser

It used to be that when you wanted to port Android apps to your laptop, the best way (if not the only way) to do it was to install the infamous Bluestacks software. Yes, it did get the job done for the most part but it slowed down your laptop, sometimes going as far as […]

Google is demanding more from Android, local OEMs in trouble?

Android has always been praised for being kind of open and highly versatile. However at the same time Google hasn’t been generating that much profit from the OS. By these means and many others, no one outside of Samsung has seen enough profits from the open source software save for a few non-publicly traded vendors. […]

Blackberry Passport: the (old) new entrant for the enterprise

Picture this. A large phone, a really large phone. With a wide, physical keyboard. A rather squarish body with nothing else going for it except it only looks weird. Runs Android apps, sans Google apps, Snapchat and Instagram. That, is the Blackberry Passport in a nutshell. It doesn’t hail itself for being your everyday Android […]

Websites to complement the Zimsec website

The missionaries who founded my high school had a particular fondness for Jacarandas. At the beginning of every spring these trees would clothe themselves in purple flowers – a beautiful site to behold. My high school headmaster, Mr Mukoyi, was one for symbolism and every time this happened he saw it as an omen that the […]

New version of ZimStocks app lets user discuss counters

  On Saturday the the team behind ZimStocks announced on their blog the release of a new version of the application. The latest version for Android devices is already available on Google Play with the iOS version provisionally set for release on the 25th of June 2014. The ZimStocks app has been going through evolutionary […]

Using Google Play Gift Cards in Zimbabwe.

In our previous instalment we looked at the usefulness of Gift Cards and how they can result in savings for you. The Google Play store is one particular store that is becoming increasingly important this side as a result of the proliferation of Android phones. While we can understand the difficulties of providing similar access to […]

Telecel subscribers to buy content from Google Play store using airtime

Soon, Telecel subscribers will be able to buy content from the the Google Play online store using their airtime. The announcement was made today by the Russian Telecel parent company, VimpelCom. According to the announcement, the company has struck a deal with search giant Google to enable subscribers across the VimpelCom operations to buy multimedia content and applications […]