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Tag: Google Playstore malicious apps

More Apps Containing Malware Removed From Google’s Play Store

At least 38 applications were removed from Google’s Play Store for containing malware. The developers of these apps were able to get their apps on to the Play Store’s by disabling malicious adware functions inside the source code. The discovery was made by White Ops, they then reported their findings to Google. What they found […]

7 Apps Caught Downloading More Apps With Malware. Uninstall/Delete Them

Researchers at Wandera yesterday released a warning about 7 apps that were available on the Google Play Store which contain a special kind of trojan called dropper. The following are the 7 apps with a dropper that you should uninstall immediately: Magnifying Glass by PumpApp Super Bright LED Flashlight by PumpApp Magnifier, Magnifying Glass with […]