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Do people still have privacy in the digital age?

There’s a lot of talk about privacy online and what companies can or cannot do with our data. Now before we start talking about where the line is for the companies, let’s first establish common ground by using similar definitions of what privacy is. Wikipedia: is the ability of an individual or group to seclude […]

Google will stop scanning your emails on Gmail

Google recently announced that it will stop scanning it’s Gmail user’s emails which they did in order to provide users with more personalized adverts. Gmail, started to do this back in 2014 so that they could provide personalized product features, such as customised search results, tailored advertising and spam and malware detection. Another reason was that […]

Google updates its privacy policies, warns you that it is scanning your emails

Yesterday Google updated its privacy policies with a very elaborate expansion on how it is, among other things, analysing all your content including messages on its Gmail service. According to the new privacy policy this analysis of content is driven by a need to “provide you with personally relevant product features, such as customised search […]