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5 things to include in Zimbabwe’s next 5-year digital health strategy

The Ministry of Health and Child Care is currently working on a digital health strategy. Here are 5 things that should be included in it.

Zim Government Websites Hacked Again!

Government websites continue to be a target for hackers protesting the state of affairs of our beloved country. Reports state that this time around 17 websites have been hacked. At the time of writing, 13 of those seem to be hacked but the others were working just fine – not to say hey weren’t hacked […]

Government’s Portal For Company Registrations Down

It seems the government’s portal for company registration and name search – ZimConnect – is not working properly. A number of consultants who use the portal to perform company name searches and registrations have complained that they have been failing to complete the registration process because the payment portal is down. It seems the issue […]

Government Is Working On A “National Payment Switch” – Is That Necessary?

There’s been a lot of talk about the new law which will force mobile money interoperability but maybe more important is the fact that the government has revealed that it is working on a new national payment switch. The same section of the Statutory Instrument that mandates mobile network operators to enable interoperability indicates they […]

Tech Highlights From The President’s 3rd 100-Day Cycle

Ever since President Mnangagwa became President (officially in August 2018) he’s set out 100-day cycles where targets are set and at the end of 100 days we can follow up on which targets where met and another cycle begins with new targets. The 3rd 100-day cycle just ended and the most recent Cabinet Decisions Matrix […]

Government Invites Individuals And Businesses With Healthcare Solutions To Pitch Their Ideas

The Ministry of Health and Child Care Solutions is collaborating with ‘partners’ and calling upon businesses and individuals who have healthcare solutions. The solutions will be presented before of a panel of judges who according to the Ministry’s statement were “carefully selected to give the Ministry guidance on how we can make use of your […]

Government Promises To Take Multiple Views Into Consideration In The New Media Policy

If you ask the average Zimbabwean what they think of the media in this country, I am willing to bet that they are exasperated by that as well as many other things that are going wrong. The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services –Monica Mutsvangwa- has said the government will be taking a look […]

Former Minister Calls For Serious Cyber Laws Because Social Media ‘Rumour Mongering’ Is Resulting In Price Hikes

Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Obendigwa Mguni has called for the government to regulate social media by implementing strong cyber laws. Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mguni raised his concerns with the freedoms available on social media and his belief is that this is what is impacting the economy; Madam Speaker Ma’am, I saw today […]

Partial Privatization Of State Owned Firms Might Not Be A Bad Thing After All…

Whenever discussion turns to privatization government-owned firms such as NetOne the reaction in the public domain is not welcoming. When Government announced the reforms of parastatals back in April and announced that 12 government-owned parastatals will be getting partially privatised there was no excitement. In fact, most shared a common feeling that full privatisation will […]

Part Of The $60 Billion From FOCAC Will Be Used To Retool NetOne

The just ended Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) resulted in a $60 billion loan coming Africa’s way and the government has started disclosing how the funds will be allocated. Interestingly, NetOne will be one of the beneficiaries and maybe this injection of much needed funds will turn the ship around and make the MNO more […]

Deputy Finance Minister Bemoans Government Officials Use Of Private Emails

The Finance and Economic Development deputy minister, Terrence Mukupe has expressed his disappointment in state officials using private email accounts for government related activities. Mukupe noted that this was an anomaly compared to New York (where he worked previously), and he said one could actually get fired for using a personal email to address work-related […]

Mnangagwa’s Govt Getting Facial Recognition Tech From China

The Zimbabwean Government is believed to be importing a mass facial recognition system, Cloudwalk Technology, as they look to ramp up security efforts. The system is being imported as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The Belt and Road Initiative is a is a development strategy proposed by the Chinese government that focuses on […]

Our Government Really Needs To Be Serious!

Yesterday, talk show host Zororo Makamba put out a video commenting on the state of government websites. It was pretty surprising that official websites had such glaring errors. You would expect that the government would try to have platforms that are up to date and informative especially as people outside the country may visit these […]

Cabinet Ministers And Other Senior Government Officials Now Required To Declare Their Wealth

The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet of the Republic of Zimbabwe has issued a communique to the effect that Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Directors within ministries are now required to declare their wealth and financial and business interests. CEO’s of parastatals, Chairpersons of commissions and heads of local authorities are among […]

Government to Use Technology to Cut Costs and Reduce Corruption

Yes again this is an article based on the 2018 National Budget. Sometimes as citizens we do not probe much into these national documents and hence fail to hold public officers accountable to their pronouncements. Consider this to be a stimulant for you to think about what’s going on in our country and to level […]

Econet, Telecel and NetOne tariff reduction talks with POTRAZ underway

After all has been said and done, whatever happens to or in Zimbabwe, we want to one day wake up to cheaper data prices! As advised yesterday, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) said it is in talks with local mobile phone companies over a tariff reduction. These reductions are said to only be implemented […]

We Have a New Minister of Cyber Security in Zimbabwe: Big Brother is watching…

So actually the full title is Minister of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation and he is non other than the outgoing Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon Patrick Chinamasa MP. This is an interesting one. President Robert Mugabe has mixed and matched his cabinet again today. As we expected there were not so […]

ATT: Cash Vending Now Criminalised In Zimbabwe

Remember when I said to not expect any government intervention on ‘illegal’ cash sales anytime soon? Turns out I was wrong. Effective immediately, according to an Extraordinary Government Gazette published yesterday, cash vending without a valid licence, permit or other written authority permitting such dealing under the regulations, has officially become illegal (I can get […]

Government aware of but not sure how to combat 3 tier pricing

Minister Supa Mandiwanzira speaking at the Mobile Money and Digital Payments event acknowledged that the government is aware of the 3 tier pricing model prevalent in the market. He did not however elaborate on what the government is doing to combat the issue. What is the 3 tier pricing model? This is where you are […]

Government introduces new 5% internet tax. ISPs increase internet prices

Last year in December, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa proposed a 5% tax on all mobile phone airtime and broadband as part of his budget proposals. The tax, called a Health Levy and themed “Talk, Surf and Save a Life”  is expected to be part of the budget allocation for the Ministry of Health and be […]

Voice calls decline fast as people resort to WhatsApp calls in Zimbabwe (Telecoms Report)

The number of voice call minutes made in Zimbabwe has continuing to tumble as more and more people resort to WhatsApp for their voice calls. A report by Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulatory body, POTRAZ, that Techzim has received shows that there was an 8.6% drop in calls made by people using their regular mobile numbers. The report […]

Hiking the price of free speech. The real reasons behind government’s suspension of telecoms promos

The past few weeks have made for interesting viewing, reading, following, watching and sharing for those who have been following the telecoms industry in Zimbabwe. There have been many policy announcements and directives from the regulatory authorities in the face of increasing ‘misuse’ of social and digital platforms. Just recently all three mobile network operators announced […]

NSSA goes live with $10M SAP project after two year delay

The project, which was started back in 2013, experienced a two and half year delay. The implementation was being carried out by Twenty Third Century Systems, a regional SAP consulting company.

Chinese style internet censorship coming to Zimbabwe – President Mugabe

A report yesterday in the government owned newspapers The Sunday Mail, says the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is intent on introducing Chinese style internet restrictions to the country to put a stop the “abuse” of the internet. According to the article, the president was addressing his party supporters at Harare International Airport who had come to welcome […]

Government doesn’t get tech startups, but here are 4 ways it can get involved

The startup ecosystem is composed of stakeholders that include players such as business, government, community and so forth. From the startups events in Zimbabwe, the government is conspicuous by their absence from and not playing a participatory role in developing the startup culture.

Ecocash now costs $0.05 more in taxes, welcome to 2014

Just as we start the New Year, consumers will not be happy that they will be paying more to use one of the most widely used financial services products in Zimbabwe. Through a text message sent to customers, Ecocash announced today that effective immediately, they will be charging a $0.05 ( 5cents) transaction tax on […]

“Long after all this technology talk…” – President Mugabe

Dear Mr President About ten years ago, at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland, you made a remarkable speech on technology in third world countries, and this speech galvanized me to do something about technology from the moment I read it. I have included an excerpt of that speech below: Long after we […]

In the name of “National Security”: analysis of the new spy law.

In last week’s article, we looked at some of the new provisions of statutory 142 of 2013 which has been called a “spying”  law by some sections of the independent media. The Daily News called it “draconian” while almost everyone agrees it is unconstitutional. So is the law unconstitutional? How does it compare with PRISM […]

Call for dedicated Policy on ICT in Education for Zimbabwe

The release of ‘O’ Level results from last year examinations was met with an unprecedented outcry across the nation. Now that the dust has settled and emotions have calmed down, and a new government is in place, it is time to take a sober look at this vital aspect of the nation’s future. Instead of […]

Hackers hit ICT Ministry’s e-Tech Africa website

A website belonging to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of ICT has been hacked. The website, on address, is the tech ministry site for the e-Tech Africa expo, the first of which was held last year. The hack is hard to notice as the attackers didn’t deface the site’s own pages, but introduced new ones, such as this one called root.