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Tag: GPS

China’s GPS Alternative, Beidou Reaching Completion Later This Month

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of those things most people (myself included) rarely question. For example, I knew it exists, and I knew it’s used in navigation but beyond that, I wasn’t really aware of who are the people behind it or the fact that an alternative to GPS could actually exist. Anyway, […]

Users Of Older iPhone Models Need To Update Their Phones To Avoid This GPS Bug

Apple recently sent out an official warning to users running iPhone 5, iPad 4 and devices released earlier. People running these devices need to update to the latest version or risk some buggy GPS, time and date keeping functionality. Because of the bugs ability to affect date keeping, it becomes more severe in that it […]

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind By Keeping Track Of Your Loved Ones, Car And Things

Last Wednesday was a dark and distressing day for a lot of people. One of our neighbours had children who were attending a birthday party across town. When news of violence and shots fired hit social media they went down in throes of anxiety as they tried to call them and their phones went unanswered. […]