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Saith Technology Open Day to exhibit Zimbabwe’s locally produced drone

Saith Technologies Open Day set for tomorrow at Bluffhill Industrial Park will exhibit technologies that include a locally manufactured drone, electric car and the green machine among other innovations the company has been working on.

Solar Power for dummies part 1: Introduction

I am well aware my esteemed colleague has already written a guide on solar power. This guide is different, penned with dummies in mind by a man who is also, when it comes to solar power and electricity in general, a dummy, who has taken a journey in the solar world. It is not a treatise […]

Econet Energy: Well placed to power Southern Africa

Renewable energy is a sector on flux. Global greats like Google have risen to the challenges imposed by global warming and rising demand for energy through investments in sustainable power sources. Solar City is one such company that has benefitted from the energy race; Google has invested $280 million so far in the company. For the sake of continuity let’s think of Econet as our local equivalent of a Google of sorts; in such a scenario Econet Energy has a very solid shot at becoming a regional energy titan.

Econet’s move into green energy, a welcome development for under-powered Africa

We attended the launch of Econet Energy, a renewable energy initiative by Econet yesterday. Through the initiative Econet is making a move into solar energy in a bid to guarantee always-available power supply to its telecommunications infrastructure and subscribers.