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Local phone brand, GTeL, launches its new $495 flagship device, the SL 5.5 Xtra

GTeL just launched a new flagship device, the SL5.5 Xtra. This dual SIM LTE phone comes with impressive specs like a 13 MP camera, octacore processor, an awesome battery and power management tech. At $495, how will it hold up against other mobile heavyweights like the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Special Edition Techzim Podcast: 2014 in review plus our festive season giveaway!

This is a special edition of the Techzim Podcast that marks the end of the year 2014. In this episode we review the successes and failures in tech and what stood out for us locally and internationally in the world of technology. Topics discussed include broadband advances for the year liker the rollout of fibre, gadgets […]

The Gtel SL 5.5: slimmer and still giving you more

Gtel has continued with its onslaught against the established flagships on the local market, bringing  to the table a new device with specs similar to the big time marquees. The latest offering is the Gtel SL 5.5 a phone dubbed as the second slimmest in the world (at the time of launch) and the slimmest in […]

Gtel launches new phone with contract package from Telecel

Last night we attended the launch of Gtel’s new flagship phone, called the Gtel A755 SL5.5 or simply the SL5.5. The new device which will be available from the 1st of November 2014 (this Saturday) has a cash price of $490. The event also included the unveiling of a new contract package for buying their device range. […]