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Tag: Gugulethu Siso

Bulawayo Startup Publishes Zim Logistics Ecosystem Report

Access to information in Zimbabwe is generally a tall order. Businesses such as Techzim were born out of wanting to fill that gap and when startups contribute to solving this problem, we are delighted. Thumeza – a logistics startup we’ve talked about at length– has done just that. They’ve published their 1st “Snapshot of the […]

One Word To Describe Startups I Met In Bulawayo: MATURE

I have to issue a disclaimer right from the onset: Bulawayo has for some time now been my favourite city to LIVE in Zimbabwe. That means I am biased but like all biased people I believe my bias has nothing to do with my current assessment. Like all biased people you probably can’t convince me […]

Hi, I’m Gugu, Here’s How My Startup Is Changing Logistics In Bulawayo And Soon All Across The Country

My name is Gugulethu Siso and I am the Founder and CEO of Thumeza which is registered as a Private Business Corporation. Thumeza is a delivery solutions provider focused on on-demand and last mile deliveries in the Bulawayo area. We have used the peer-to-peer delivery model to successfully complete over 200 deliveries to almost all […]