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Tag: Gulf Complex

Fire Guts A Section Of Gulf Complex: A Popular Tech Shopping Mall

Yesterday evening Gulf Complex became the latest victim of building fires that have ravaged a lot of Harare’s buildings. A large section of the complex, the part near Market Square, bus terminus was completely scorched although the other sections were left undamaged. Gulf complex is a popular destination for those who want to buy cheap […]

Solar Power for Dummies Part 3: The panels

Now that we have calculated our power needs and know exactly the Wattage rating of the Solar system we need it is time to build it; or if you decide to chicken out, find someone to do it for you. Those still struggling with the budget should know that most electrical devices come with a […]

Downloading WhatsApp and other apps on your PC

Vendors at various locations in the capital, including Copa Cabana Terminus and Gulf Complex, make a killing selling ( they call it “loading”) music onto people’s phones. Whilst people can debate the legality of this practice, it is the practice of asking people to pay fees ranging from $2-$5 to have apps like WhatsApp and […]