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Registrar General’s Website Hacked By Someone Who Can’t Spell ‘Hack’

Looks like someone’s Passport was delayed one too many days and they decided to hack the Registrar General’s website or perhaps it’s a disgruntled employee? The hack is just one of those nuisance hacks. Perhaps someone who thinks it’s cool and wants to brag to their friends that they are a ‘genius.’ Before we talk […]

Google Researchers Claim To Have Found Security Flaw In iPhones

Google’s security researchers claim to have found an exploit which exposes iPhone users who visit malicious websites to hackers. Earlier this year Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) discovered a small collection of hacked websites. The hacked sites were being used in indiscriminate watering hole attacks against their visitors, using iPhone 0-day.   There was no target […]

FBC Bank Dismiss Fake News That It Has Been Hacked

There seem to have been a message making the rounds which is saying hat FBC Bank has been hacked. Now FBC has released a statement dismissing the fake news by saying that its system hasn’t been compromised: Our attention has been drawn to fake social media messages purporting that FBC Bank’s system has been hacked. […]

Anonymous Claims To Have Taken Down Zimbabwean Government Sites In Protest Against Unrest In The Country

Hacktivist group, Anonymous has come out and said they have taken down some government websites in response to the recent crisis in the country. The government went to the extent of shutting down the internet entirely in order to disrupt the protests and wreak havoc on citizens. A statement from Anonymous has been published by […]

ZEC Website Is Back Online. Is It Being Hacked A Sign That We Are Lacking As A Nation?

ZEC’s website was hacked on the 1st of August. The hackers were protesting to the delay in publishing of results. They posted some images on the site that depicted the events of the 1st August and what had happened during the protest. Zec took down the website after just 11 minutes and confirmed that this […]

Golix Tightens Security Features Following Security Compromises

Following recent issues surrounding Golix and user account security, the popular cryptocurrency exchange is introducing new authentication methods to further bolster security. As a result of these changes, users will have to reset their passwords before logging in once again. So, what’s new? After the recent security update, users will now have to install ‘Google […]

Zimbabwe Independent Website Hacked

The Zimbabwe Independent website was attacked and penetrated by hackers earlier this week. Though this is hardly something new for local publisher websites, this attack was the first in quite a while. According to the team at the Independent, the newspaper has been back online and precautions have been taken to guard against something like this.

EcoCash Hack: Here’s how you can pay less transaction fees

I went to an EcoCash Agent to withdraw the $60 I needed to buy a ticket for the Startup Weekend. I had $62 in my EcoCash wallet in my EcoCash wallet then. When I tried to make a withdrawal, I got this message: I didn’t realise that the transaction fee for withdrawing $60 is $2.30 […]