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Is the Zimbabwean Government Prepared to Thwart Cyber Attacks?

The cyber attack story that is unfolding in Belarus is destined to have a big budget HBO mini-series made about it. My goodness, the story has everything that makes a compelling thriller – mystery, danger, formidable villains and the unlikeliest of heroes. The story is one of hackers, or more correctly ordinary technology-sector employees, who […]

Banks need to pay back the money lost by account-holders to scammers & hackers

Recently one of South Africa’s leading banks, FNB, lost an interesting suit involving about R2.9 million or about US$202 000 being siphoned out of a client’s bank account. The client who can only be described as technically challenged was duped using an online social engineering scheme, he gave the thieves his personal details which allowed […]

Video: How NOT to get hacked via an OTP

An OTP is one small sequence of numbers with a lot of power. If someone has this they can take over your digital life in so many ways. Which is why you must never share an OTP with anyone especially someone who says they sent it to you by mistake. Because that is most certainly a lie.

Hacking Group Targeting African Banks

Security researchers from Kaspersky have reported on thousands of notifications of attacks on major banks in the sub-Saharan Africa region. The malware in the attacks has been linked to Silence Group – a hacking organisation which has targeted banks and stolen millions in the past. The group which is reportedly one of the most active […]

Compromised GIFs On WhatsApp Make You Vulnerable To Hackers

A new vulnerability has popped up on WhatsApp and it allows hackers to access your chats in a pretty interesting manner. The bug known as the Double-free vulnerability allows hackers to hijack people’s phones by sending them a gif. It’s not just any sort of GIF but a special corrupted GIF. The bug only affects users […]

Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-Fi and How to Avoid Them From The Mouth Of Hackers

In the era when cybercrime is flourishing, public Wi-Fi has become a golden opportunity for various types of criminals. The latest survey shows that 79% of public Wi-Fi users take significant risks when choosing their Wi-Fi connection. They select a hotspot for its Wi-Fi strength, go for a name that sounds appropriate, or simply pick any free […]

New Method Lets Attackers Hijack WhatsApp Account Via Voicemail

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption feature ensures that our conversations remain private, but the platform itself is vulnerable to a simple attack which can hijack a user’s WhatsApp account. The method, which was discovered last year, can be used to take over the WhatsApp account of a target by stealing the verification code sent to their voicemail […]

HIT To Host Cybercrime Management Conference in October

As technology evolves our cybersecurity needs are constantly shifting as well. When people hear terms such as cybercrime most of us look to think this is some futuristic tech that does not relate to us. That may have been true 5-10-15 years ago but we are now in that future where Cybercrime is an everyday […]

Can Your Sim Card Be Hacked?

The message below has been circulating on Whatsapp. SIM SWAP FRAUD Dear All, Please lets be very careful.. There is a new HIGH TECH FRAUD in town called the SIM SWAP FRAUD and hundreds of persons are already VICTIMS. How it works 1 A new fraud called SIM SWAP has started. Your phone network will […]

If You Are Interested In Hacking, Check Out This Ethical Hacking Course: It’s Free!

When most people hear of hacking they are rarely aware that there are actually good hackers. These good hackers are more commonly known as ethical hackers. As with most good guys, ethical hackers rarely make the headlines but they are very important. Who is offering the course? The courses are being offered on the Guru99 […]

Jonathan Moyo’s Gmail hacked

Prominent and outspoken Zimbabwean politician, Jonathan Moyo, said yesterday that his Gmail account was hacked and his password changed. As a result, he’s been locked out of his mailbox. The hack, according to him, happened yesterday around 3PM (16 September). Moyo also said yesterday that Google has so far refused to give him back control of the mailbox. […]

Zanu-PF website hacked. Showing pirate movies and porn pictures (update)

Update (1815hrs): The site has now been taken down totally. Update (1720hrs): The site has since had the bad content removed The website of Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu-PF was hacked. The website right now is showing links to pirate movies of such titles as Despicable Me, Cars 3 and Logan. Some sections of the website […]

Hackers steal hollywood movie. Demand heavy ransom in bitcoin

It’s a week of cyber-crime. News  in Hollywood Reporter says that hackers gained access to and stole a Disney movie and are demanding a heavy bitcoin ransom to give it back. It’s not clear what movie exactly has been stolen, but speculation is it could be Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales or Cars 3.  Says the publication: […]

Obama announces United States sanctions on Russia for cyberattacks that interfered with its elections

The United States has announced expanded sanctions on Russia for its interference in its 2016 presidential elections through cyberattacks that leaked emails from the Democratic party.

Guilty of spam? – here are 13 offences in Zimbabwe’s draft Computer Crime & Cybercrime Bill

That being said, we have listed 13 potential offences from the draft bill. Assuming that the bill isn’t altered to remove or adjust the clauses that relate to these potential offences, violating them could land you in some legal trouble.

Econet’s Ownai hit by another outage. Separately, hackers claim they attacked it

Econet’s classifieds website, Ownai, is down again. It’s not clear yet if it’s another case of lots of visitors trying to visit the site at once (they just sent out an SMS ad inviting user to the platform) or if it’s the case of hackers having hit it again.

Lax security leading to rampant website defacement

Zimbabwean websites ( TLD) are easy pickings for hacker groups making names for themselves – that is the impression I get looking at the sheer number of defaced websites. The state of local website security is appalling. After my research, the most worrying thing I found is how long some websites stay defaced, it’s almost as if […]

Are NetOne SIM cards sending information to the CIA? We’ll find out tomorrow

A lot of us had forgotten about Edward Snowden and his disruptive leaks until last week. As usual, anything Snowden means some highly sensitive information in line with cyber security. This time it looks like it’s a lot closer to home. Last week The Intercept published a story on a hack into the internal computer network of […]

Zimbabwean websites hacked. Joomla fault or just poor security management?

So every now and again we get tips about local websites that have been hacked, defaced or compromised in one way or the other. In the past few days, there was an increase in such tips as quite a number of websites, most of organisations very well known, were compromised. As has been the case in the many previous cases we’ve […]

POTRAZ should review and enforce regulations for the operators’ sake

Local regulation on cyber crime and telecoms services infringement is rather lax. Or at least that’s the impression we’re getting from the concerns raised by Telecel to the state legislature. It has been reported that Telecel says their network is being prejudiced of millions of dollars worth of revenue by individuals engaged in traffic refilling. […]

Local websites, MetBank, ZiFM, Pastel, Chips and others, breached by hackers

A number of local website were in the past 3 months breached by hackers, amoung them the MetBank website,,, and other less familiar brands. The websites were breached on different occasions with the latest being that of ZiFMStereo, which was attacked two days ago. Most of the websites have been fixed, except for the Metbank’s which we notice is […]

Windows XP phase out: 95% of ATMs risk being hacked after 8 April 2014

According to a report in the Financial Times, Microsoft will stop issuing security patches and updates for bugs in the Windows XP system starting from the 8th of April 2014. This leaves 95% of all ATMs which run the operating system vulnerable to hacking. Machines that run on outdated operating systems that are not receiving […]

ZESA Enterprises website hacked

The website belong to ZESA holding subsidiary, ZESA Enterprises, has been defaced. We’re not sure exactly when the defacement happened  but visiting the site right now shows the page below. From what we can tell the website is hosted internally within the group’s infrastructure. We also noticing, the besides, the ZESA Enterprises also has a […]

AMH news websites NewsDay, Independent and Standard, hacked

Earlier today we got tipped that 3 news websites belonging to one of Zimbabwe’s largest media companies, Alpha Media Holdings, had been hacked. We verified and indeed confirmed that NewsDay, The Zimbabwe Independent, and The Standard had all been hacked by the same hackers.

Fingaz website attacked by hackers again

A tweet by an account called zimCyberHackers announced a few days ago the hacking of the website belonging to local weekly newspaper, The Financial Gazette. We didn’t see the actual evidence of the hacking but we notice the website has since been taken down “for maintenance”, the likely result of such incidents.

The Herald website DoS attacked by Anonymous Africa

The website belonging to Zimbabwe’s largest daily newspaper, The Herald Online, suffered a denial of service (DoS) attack some hours ago, apparently carried out by Anonymous Africa. The hacker collective is the same that attacked a South African news site earlier today. The attack on the Herald lasted only a few hours during which the site was not available at all

South African news site attacked by hackers for Mugabe content

A report by MyBroadband today says a prominent South African news website, was taken down by hackers in a Denial of Service attack (DoS) apparently for running Zim president Mugabe content. The attack was carried out by a hackers collective known as Anonymous Africa who are using the Twitter account, @zim4thewin.

Hackers hit ICT Ministry’s e-Tech Africa website

A website belonging to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of ICT has been hacked. The website, on address, is the tech ministry site for the e-Tech Africa expo, the first of which was held last year. The hack is hard to notice as the attackers didn’t deface the site’s own pages, but introduced new ones, such as this one called root.

Government website hacked

Yesterday, we noticed that a government website,, was hacked. The website belongs to the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. It was designed and is hosted by the Government Internet Service Provider (GISP) so we sent them an email notifying them just in case they don’t know it yet.

More Zimbabwean bank websites hacked. MBCA, Tetrad and others

Metropolitan Bank, the hacking of whose website whose reported here two days ago, were not the only local financial institution to suffer at the hands of site defacers in the past couple of weeks. We have confirmed this week that Tetrad Holdings and MBCA Bank also had their websites defaced. Unlike Metbank though, the two banks have since had their websites restored.