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Anonymous Claims To Have Taken Down Zimbabwean Government Sites In Protest Against Unrest In The Country

Hacktivist group, Anonymous has come out and said they have taken down some government websites in response to the recent crisis in the country. The government went to the extent of shutting down the internet entirely in order to disrupt the protests and wreak havoc on citizens. A statement from Anonymous has been published by […]

Online activist & #ThisFlag founder Evan Mawarire returns to Zimbabwe, arrested on arrival

Evan Mawarire, the pastor and political activist behind the #ThisFlag online campaign has been arrested at Harare International Airport. This was Mawarire’s return to Zimbabwe ever since he left in 2016. Mawarire’s #ThisFlag campaign drew a lot of followers and created engagement in political issues and the hashtag was closely associated with protests against the lack […]

WhatsApp, Facebook emerge as kingmakers as social media becomes Zimbabwean political tool

WhatsApp does, however, offer a more interesting case for politics. Besides its huge popularity among Zimbabwean internet users, it also has a host of features that make it a prime tool for political use.

Why Zimbabwean websites are increasingly getting hacked (list of hacked sites)

In recent months, each time we’ve posted an article about a high profile website being hacked – such as the story about Fingaz today – what follows is a number of tweets, emails and phone calls with readers basically ask: What’s going on? Why has the hacking increased so much? Why are Zim websites being targeted?