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ZINWA will soon start using satellite images to curb illegal use of rivers & dams

To most people, ZINWA is the shadowy authority that regularly bills them even though, technically speaking, it’s local councils that provide you with running water. The Zimbabwe National Water Authority is much more than that though, by law they are in charge of managing all the water resources within Zimbabwe including canals, dams, rivers, aquifers […]

Harare City Council to blacklist rate defaulters

Harare City Council has said that it is considering blacklisting rate defaulters as it is owed more than ZWL$2 billion by businesses, residents & govt.

City Council debts to be collected through ZESA token purchases

There are reportedly plans in place to collect City Council debt through ZESA Token purchases

Harare City Council Latest Victim Of Fake POS Machine Scam

Apparently, Harare City Council employees may have swindled City of millions of dollars by simply introducing unregistered POS machines and proceeding to collect revenues which they did not submit to the council. The city council is said to have only discovered this during a recent audit. They realised that a significant number of POS machines […]

No Drones, Says Harare Mayor

So the back and forth between government officials and Twitter accounts supposed to represent their thoughts seems to be going on. Yesterday the Harare City Council tweeted saying they would begin using drones for surveillance of people doing illegal stuff in residential areas. Mayor Hebert Gomba came out and disputed this claim: Please note development […]

Harare City Council To Deploy Drones

When it comes to embracing tech, the Harare City Council has been saying all the right things. Last year they announced a few interesting tech-based initiatives; Traffic cameras coming to the CBD by 2019 An app for citizens to pay bills and lodge complaints The Council decided to go paperless Councilors demanding iPads! Ok maybe […]

How To Check Your Water Bill Online

Gone are the days when you had to wait till the end of the month for the City Council personnel to come with your bill at your house. Since the internet is within the reach of many people, City Council thought it wise to make it possible for people to check their bills online. As a […]

Desperate ZBC Partners Harare City Council To Collect Its License Fees: It’s A Good Move, Right?

After years of failing to rake up much revenue for its services, state broadcaster, ZBC has partnered with the Harare City Council (HCC) to collect radio and TV licenses on its behalf. The deal will see the city council getting 10% from the collections and also free advertising on ZBC’s media mediums. The Council’s information and […]

Harare Councilors: “Give Us iPads By The 31st Of October”

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up… The Harare City Councilors have given an ultimatum to the town clerk Hosiah Chisango. What do the City councillors want? They want iPads. When do they want them? Well, it seems like NOW is the answer to that question as 31 October is the deadline they’ve set. […]

Harare City Council Says They Will Complete Installation Of Traffic Cameras In The CBD By 2019

If you’ve been following us for a couple of years now, you will realise that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that cameras are getting installed in the CBD soon. As far back as 2014, there have been murmurs about the installation of cameras in Harare. If City Council is to be believed then […]

Harare City Council Now Has An App That Allows You To Make Online Bill Payments And Lodge Complaints

Harare City Council has just introduced an app for people to make bill payments online. Besides making payments on the app, you can also report issues related to the council, advise the council or check the refuse collection schedule. But currently these three features dont seem to be working, thus only making payments is working. […]

Smart Harare Is A Platform Which Allows You To Report, View Or Discuss Local Problems

It’s become common place for general conversations to turn to the ever lowering standards in our capital. Time and time again you hear people lament just how deplorable things have become. Platforms such as Smart Harare aim to act as a mediator between residents and the city council. Using Smart Harare, locals can report matters, […]

Harare City Council Is Going Paperless And 30 000 Residents Have Joined The Cause

Harare city council introduced a method of notifying customers on bill payments through a digital format called Electronic bill (E billing) and they have been encouraging the public to register. The bill was introduced last year in November and so far they have managed to get 30 000 residents to register on e-billing. The city of […]

Moto Republik releases statement on hub demolition attempt. Appeals for support #SaveMotoRepublik

As you may know, Harare City council attempted to take down the Moto Republik hub creative container structure earlier today. Moto Republik has released a statement to inform the public about what happened. Here’s the full statement: It is true that today, @cohsunshinecity had intention of demolishing Moto Republik, Zimbabwe’s first creative hub. The demolition was halted […]

Harare hub, Moto Republik, given one week to remove creative structure. Why this is sad

Harare based technology and arts hub, Moto Republik, has been given one week by the Harare City council, to take down their creative containers structure, or have it demolished. Moto Republik has been one of the most visible tech & arts hubs locally, hosting a number of internet startups that work have offices there. It also […]

Breaking: City of Harare attempts to demolish Moto Republik, a tech & arts hub in Harare, because it’s an ‘illegal structure’

Harare municipal police at Moto Republik this morning just before they started taking the hub’s structure down. Credit Privilege Musvanhiri‏. Update: Moto Republik has released a statement on the demolition attempt. You can read it here.     Harare City Council attempted this morning to demolish one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent tech hubs in Zimbabwe, Moto […]

Here’s how the internet is being used to help fix Harare’s burst pipes & potholes

He is one of the drivers behind an initiative called SMART Harare (SMART stands for Service Monitoring and Report Tracking) which has, through a platform called Harare Municipality Services, dedicated itself to raising awareness on issues to do with city service delivery.

Harare City Council suspends fibre optic trenching

Like us, you probably woke up to the news that Tendai Mahachi (Harare’s Town Clerk) announced that the City Council has suspended all fibre optic trenching activities in the city. The reason for this was attributed to a breach of agreement on the part of some telecommunications operators and their contractors.

Of Econet’s Liquid Telecom Fibre And Harare’s ‘Digital Revolution’

An article about the Econet metro fibre network in The Standard last week, had the following takeaway:

IMAGINE Harare, in its dilapidated state, being the most digitalised city in the world. To many, this may sound too far-fetched but for Liquid Telecom, a subsidiary of Econet and Harare Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda it is only a matter of time before the dream is realised.

Well, yes, too far-fetched actually. The article goes on to explain a Public Private Partnership (now a buzz phrase with politicians here) where Econet’s satellite operator subsidiary, Liquid Telecom and the Harare City Council are embarking on a US$ 3.5million project to install fibre optic rings in the city.