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ED Revives Media Watch Dog That Was Dissolved 20 Years Ago

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed Trustees for the Zimbabwe Mass Media Trust (ZMMT) that was dissolved and has been dormant since 2000. A brief history According to Wikipedia, ZMMT was set up back in 1981 as part of the government’s new media policy, under widespread criticism of the national media, which at the time was […]

Zimpapers Says “Digital First” Approach Finally Bearing Fruit

Zimpapers has released its trading update for the 3rd Quarter ending 30 September and whilst their profits and revenues have grown considerably compared to September 2018 the most interesting tidbits (for us and our obsession with the opportunity of the internet) was their performance in the digital space. The company’s digital first strategy is starting […]

President Will Soon Start To Monitor Fuel Stocks At Every Service Station

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Government will introduce an electronic system that will monitor and manage fuel stocks at service stations across the country. The fuel management system will be introduced as a response to malpractices happening in the fuel sector such as fuel hoarding which are causing artificial shortages. The fuel management system […]

Herald Brings Their Newspaper Online; Will The ‘ePaper’ Be A Hit?

Making money as an online publication is a very uncertain business and the world over it seems no one is yet to fully crack this code. Of course, some publications have made strides to figuring out what’s the best way to go about making their money online but in Africa the challenges of making a […]

Zimpapers Surpasses Revenue And Profit Targets

Zimpapers managed to surpass their revenue and profitability targets for the first 5 months of the year. 2018 has been an eventful year for Zimpapers, a month ago Zimpapers got awarded a TV broadcasting licence and prior to that Zimpapers hired Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa as the Radio Projects Manager. To top all of that off, revenue […]

The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (March 2018)

Back in March, we published a list of Zimbabwe’s most popular online news platforms and the list released in March contained statistics from February. We promised that the list would be continuously updated going forward and we are back with the statistics from the month of March. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture […]

[Updated]: The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (February 2018)

Following Trevor Ncube’s tweet concerning what he perceived to be the leading online news publications, we thought it best to make a more inclusive list that has more publications. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture on the followership of the 27 sites, covering their website viewership numbers as well as their followership on popular […]

Newspapers Decided To Step Down Their Online Presence To Drive Hardcopy Sales And Curb Piracy. Bad Idea

Traditional news publishers Herald, Newsday and Daily News recently decided to stop publishing full stories on their online platforms. Maybe the publishers believe this move will prevent online publications from stealing content from their sites since the information will now only be available in their physical publication. This is also to drive sales for physical […]

Zimpapers appoints new GM for Digital and Publishing, and what this means for its future

Zimpapers, the country’s largest news company by readership (listener-ship and soon viewership as well) has appointed a new general manager to oversee the group’s Digital and Publishing Division. The new head, Marks Shayamano, is a Zimpapers veteran who has apparently been with the company since 1985. He was recently the GM of Zimpapers in Buawayo […]

Zimpapers: A profitable media company that is in internet trouble

Zimpapers, the government owned media company that owns Zimbabwe’s dominant newspaper titles (The Herald, Sunday Mail ), a relatively new radio station, a soon to be launched TV station, announced its 2016 financial results last week. The media company competes with the two other major media companies, the privately owned AMH (which owns NewsDay and other […]

Zimpapers accused of stealing content by local bloggers…again (update)

Effectively, them pirating content from online publications would mean the government is stealing from the young businesses it should instead be helping protect

Zimpapers’ HY results and the challenges of a digital future the company faces

When Zimpapers, Zimbabwe’s largest media company, announced its half year results two months ago, it reported a US $20,000 loss. Shortly after, the company apparently uncovered an error in its tax accounting for the period and had to adjust the accounts, effectively pulling itself out of the loss all the way up to a US $1.9 million profit. The company […]

Here’s how the Econet special bundles will affect the operator

The introduction of the dual account setup by Econet was a huge advantage on the part of the subscriber in terms of conserving data but it may yet turn out to be an inconvenience for Econet, VAS providers and some subscribers who are critical about their VAS services.

Zimpapers positions for transition to digital media with editorial team restructuring

Zimpapers, the government owned media house, which is also the largest media firm locally, announced some changes to their senior editorial team and structure. The move, according to the company, is so it “consolidate its status as an integrated media house”. A notable change with the restructuring is the appointment of founder and editor, […]

Newspaper readership in Zimbabwe continues to decline – ZAMPS 2013

We just came from the announcement of the Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) by the Zimbabwe Advertising and Research Foundation in Harare. A key takeaway, and what us media folk focus on is the press readership. As has been the trend for a couple of years now, the readership of newspapers continues to decline. […]

The Herald website DoS attacked by Anonymous Africa

The website belonging to Zimbabwe’s largest daily newspaper, The Herald Online, suffered a denial of service (DoS) attack some hours ago, apparently carried out by Anonymous Africa. The hacker collective is the same that attacked a South African news site earlier today. The attack on the Herald lasted only a few hours during which the site was not available at all

Brodacom’s base stations to go under the hammer

Last we wrote about Brodacom in January this year, it had emerged that Kingdom Bank had secured an order to acquire Brodacom’s assets over an unpaid debt. Kingdom Bank was apparently keen to recover a $20 million from Valley Technologies.

Zim information minister calls for regulation of the internet, social media

A report in today’s Herald newspaper says Zimbabwe’ Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Webster Shamu, has called for the “appropriate regulation of the internet and new media platforms”. The Minister, according to the report, is calling for this because the potential of the internet to cause strife in society.

Herald’s sms service leaves rival’s in the dust

This last month (May) we at Techzim have been using the Herald and Sunday Mail  service known as MobileNEWS and we have not been disappointed by it. The two newspapers are the flagship titles in the Zimpapers stable. Everyday, like clock work, at 6.00am the service has delivered the papers’ headlines to our mobile phone. In […]

The internet traffic ranking of Zimbabwe’s news websites (Feb 2012 stats)

The internet traffic local news websites has never really been measured and talked about in a standard way. The website owners typically just communicate their own traffic stats when they reach a milestone or break a record or just for the sake of selling advertising and these stats are never verified by a third party.

The Internet and the declining newspaper readership in Zimbabwe

Almost a month ago, the Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (Zamps) released the results of a quarterly newspaper readership survey that the organisation carries out. The results are the for the last quarter of 2011 and according to reports in the media, the survey results showed that print news readership in Zimbabwe has started to decline. While reports refer to the decline as ‘modest’, the writing on the wall is clear, news consumption as we know it has changed.

9 years’ worth of The Herald’s internet content is offline

We have noticed that for a while now all our internet page links to the Herald made before 2011 have not been working anymore. Links like this one ( which we linked to from a story on 7 December 2010. Or this one ( ) we linked to on 14 January 2010 from this story. There are more examples. You get the page below when you click on the links:

Google Zimbabwe’s 2011 top searches: ‘Facebook replaces Zimbabwe’

The most noticeable change on the top web searches when compared to last year’s top searches, is that “Zimbabwe” the most popular web search term in 2010, has been replaced by “Facebook”. Not sure if this means Zimbabweans are now more interested in logging onto Facebook than knowing about their country. One clear suggestion though to derive from this is that the web is getting more and more an everyday common man (social) tool than just the work and educational tool it was before.

Zimbabwe’s Mobile Penetration Doesn’t Stand At A Mere 20%

Casually reading an article posted by the Herald a week ago, I was met with a statement that made me stop:

…Potential for better returns in the sector is abound considering that the penetration rate by Econet, Telecel and NetOne, largely confined to urban areas, stands at a mere 20 percent in a country with more than 12 million people.