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High Court grants Econet request to stop ZRP from seizing customer database

The High Court of Zimbabwe has granted Econet’s urgent chamber application to temporarily suspend the execution of a court judgment which would allow law enforcement authorities to seize Econet database of customers. The Judge who made the ruling -Justice Edith Mushore- is said to have “slammed” the warrant, comparing it to Rhodesian law enforcement conduct; […]

ZimRights & MISA file urgent chamber application to stop search of Econet premises

Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe together with Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) filed an urgent application with the High Court forbidding the ZRP and CID from searching Econet’s premises and obtaining a database containing all subscriber details. MISA & ZimRights argue that the warrant of search and seizure threatens citizens’ various fundamental rights, […]

Full Breakdown Of The High Court’s Ruling On EcoCash Application For RBZ To Reverse Directive

3 weeks ago, the Reserve Bank issued a directive ordering mobile money operators to ban agents that were transacting above a threshold of ZW$100 000. After effecting the ban EcoCash would have to register once again to meet certain KYC demands. EcoCash responded by filing an urgent chamber application to the high court seeking the […]

Breaking: EcoCash Takes RBZ To Court For Freezing Agent Lines

EcoCash has filed an Urgent Chamber Application at the High Court of Zimbabwe taking the RBZ to court over the recent directive to freeze accounts belonging to agents with transactions over ZW$100 000. An illegal directive In the chamber application, EcoCash makes the case that they were not consulted before the RBZ made its decision […]

Telecel Taken To Court By Egyptian Company Over US$749 000 Debt

ARPU – an Egyptian telecoms services company – is taking Zimbabwe’s third-largest telco by subscribers to the High Court over a $749 900 debt that was taken on due to a 2016 partnership. On 1 August 2016, ARPU claims they signed a partnership with Telecel for provision of technical and infrastructure support enabling Telecel to […]

Breaking: Econet And Cassava Lose Court Case, High Court Rules That EcoCash Cannot Separate Itself From Cassava

The drama at the courts continues between the Econet family and their former partner Dr Dish. Dr Dish argues that Econet Media owes them $6.8 million as part of their revenue sharing deal when Kwese TV was launched. They are disputing the supposed claim by Econet that they only had 38 Kwese TV subscribers in […]

Econet Appeals To Supreme Court To Stop Search Of Their Books As Previously Granted By High Court

So last week Econet told the Sheriff of the High Court to leave their premises peacefully as he was executing an Anton Piller order which had been granted by the High Court in favour of Dr Dish. Dr Dish are disputing the compensation that Econet says is due to them based on their revenue share […]

Zimbabwe Could Award First Business Method Patent As Inventor Of ‘Solution To Help Curb Cash Crisis’ Challenges Patent Office In Court

Zimbabwe could issue its first Business Method Patent on the back of a patent application for a local innovation which is also the subject of a court application. This patent application, number ZW/P/2018/25, which has already been formally examined and accepted, is for an invention in the class of business methods, titled BANKNOTE POSSESSION TRACKING […]

[Breaking] High Court Declares That Internet Blockade Was Illegal And Social Media Access Must Be Restored

So last week the government decided to block the internet as a response to citizens protesting the state of the nation. On the surface, blocking the internet seems pretty illegal and the UN seems to think so too. In response to this seemingly unlawful act, MISA (Media Institute for Southern Africa) Zimbabwe along with the […]

Telone’s Ex-Employees Seek $23 Million Compensation 13 Years After Being “Unlawfully” Dismissed

Telone has been landed in the hot seat by 82 former employees who are demanding $23 million worth of compensation for being “unlawfully dismissed” back in 2004. In 2004 Telone dismissed a total of 1655 employee ’s after they embarked on a strike for a pay rise. This is the latest attempt by the workers […]

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Defends Ban On Cryptocurrencies In Court

Here is the latest chapter in the Golix vs RBZ (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) saga. The RBZ filed its opposing application with the courts. Summary of how we got here: the RBZ banned the trading of cryptocurrencies, ordered banks to freeze Golix’s accounts and then ordered Golix to cease operations. Golix sued and got an interim […]

Golix  Temporarily Takes Down Crypto Exchange As Court Case Kickoffs Later Today

Zimbabwe’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, has issued a statement saying they will be shutting down their “exchange’s Orderbook.” The cryptic statement they sent to their customers read: Dear valued customer. Please note that we have temporarily taken down the exchange’s Orderbook. Any developments related to this matter will be frequently updated. We sincerely apologise […]

American Citizen Martha O’Donovan’s Bail Hearing Postponed To Thursday

The bail hearing of Martha O’Donovan, the United States of America citizen has been postponed to Thursday 9 November 2017, after the State applied for the postponement due to them “not being ready”. The matter is in the case of State vs Martha O’Donovan, where she is being charged with “Subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a […]

NMB, ZB and Steward bank going paperless, BAZ is on Kwese again, Google expands its portfolio

Banks are now ditching paperwork for RTGS transfers and moving exclusively to online banking but is Zimbabwe ready for it? BAZ is making an appeal to the high court to go and contest their decision to allow Kwese to resume trading. Google expands its portfolio introducing 2 more Google Home devices, a Pixel Book, and […]

BAZ Returns To Court, Kwese TV Maybe Be Stopped Again

This week, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) approached the High Court again seeking to stop Kwese TV from broadcasting again. Last week, the High Court ruled in favor of Kwese TV and the satellite entertainment service was allowed to resume operations after they had suspended selling Kwese TV for 2 weeks. Kwese TV had […]

Kwese TV is back! High court says they can continue selling

So the High Court has permitted Dr Dish to continue selling Kwese. Remember the story was that they could not sell the service because the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe had gone to the Supreme Court to contest the earlier ruling by the High Court that confirmed that Dr Dish still had a valid license to […]

High Court reserves judgement on urgency of Kwesé TV application

Last week, Dr Dish, would-be Kwesé TV content distributors in Zimbabwe took the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) and its CEO, Mr Muganyura to court. This was after BAZ cancelled Dr Dish’s licence and prohibited them from providing service in this country. Dr Dish, through its lawyers challenged the cancellation and made an urgent chamber […]

Kwese had already registered 24,145 customers and had 7,259 applicants

Dr Dish who struck a deal with Econet Media to distribute Kwese TV content made an urgent chamber application demanding the High Court to reverse BAZ’s decision to cancel its licence. It is in the chamber application where those figures came to light. If you remember, Kwese was only officially available for a few hours […]

Education Minister Dokora sued in eMAP software ownership wrangle as case reaches High Court

Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora In the latest development regarding the ownership dispute of eMAP, Zimbabwe’s online enrolment system, Purple Divine Technology – the local software development firm claiming ownership and control of the system recently sought an interim order to stop the Ministry from using the system. This follows a request to cease using […]

Zimbabwe’s legal system is being digitised with virtual sittings & electronic processing – here’s how it will affect justice delivery

Zimbabwe’s legal system is being digitised through virtual sittings & electronic processing. Here’s a look at how it will affect justice delivery and the feasibility of this shift.

Econet sues POTRAZ for $132 million, seeks reversal of tariff reduction & clarity on USF

Local telecoms operator Econet Wireless wants POTRAZ the industry regulator to pay over $132 million in damages for losses suffered due to the reduction in voice tariffs.

Telecel basks in Judicial sympathy, Great..but what happens next?

The name Nicholas Mathonsi isn’t a household name, but in some weird way it should be, for millions of people. He’s the guy who passed a High Court order granting Telecel Zimbabwe the right to continue operations until it puts its house in order. If it wasn’t for Justice Mathonsi, today, Telecel Zimbabwe would be […]