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ZOL WiFi now free-ish. Should Innscor get into the WiFi business?

“What if Innscor itself got into the WiFi business?” Granted, its not a tech company, but it has some of the best real estate in the country, frequented by people who have a bit of cash to spend on higher-priced fast food more expensive than your Sadza and Chicken.

After almost a year of trials, Econet to now launch offloading Wi-Fi Zones

Remember the Econet Wi-Fi pilot we reported on several months ago? Sources at the company tell us the product is ready for launch now and that it will be officially unveiled this week. The name of the product is called Econet Zone (image above) and, as we reported back in may last year, it’s meant to ease congestion on […]

ZOL hopes to use adverts to keep free WiFi hotspots, free! Separate Premium service coming

So even though doesn’t mention it on their WiFi Hotspots website, their WiFi hotspots (the ones in Harare at least) have been free for months now. Free as in free beer. You connect and you start surfing, that’s all. Most times its pretty good internet and I suspect it’s so because they made some effort to not […]

ZOL Says “Stop Waiting For Promised 3G Connections – Connect Today To Wireless Broadband.”

In obvious reference to Econet’s delayed full rollout of data services to mobile, subscribers Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) is telling customers they don’t have to wait – we have great wireless broadband spread across the country and it is available right now! The message was sent out in a promotional email to customers titled “Introducing ZOLspot Wireless high-speed Broadband from just US $30. Faster than 3G and available today all over Zimbabwe!”

To use the ZOL wireless broadband, customers buy a prepaid scratch card available at any ZOLSpot and get immediate access to the Internet. The scratch cards are valid for 6 months from the first time you use them.