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Zimbabwean children & youth to receive coding & digital skills training through SAP programme

This is part of its Africa Code Week initiative that is scheduled to run from the 15th to the 23rd of October 2016. During the course of that week, SAP will be offering free online training and coding workshops to children and youth who are between 8 and 24 years of age.

Astro Mobile signs on as sponsor of Hour Of Code Zimbabwe

One of the latest developments for Hour Of Code Zimbabwe is that Astro Mobile, the Zimbabwean mobile device distributor has signed on as a sponsor for future Hour of Code events. Any efforts to grow that pool, like what Hour Of Code is doing, are a win for companies like Astro Mobile. Perhaps other companies with plans for Value Added Services should also support such initiatives?

Why are programmers going online to watch someone else code?

The concept of live programming is slowly starting to gain traction thanks to a platform called . This is where people log in to watch or stream themselves programming in different languages. There’s a lot of value behind this, but will it survive or die as another geek sensation?

Zimbabwe’s new shortage: Will the real programmers please stand up?

Talent shortage is a big problem in tech, and if you ask anyone in Zimbabwe who’s cared to find the best man for any particular tech job, they quickly agree. Even here at Techzim, we’ve felt it. It’s sad that not enough has been done to fix the situation. One area that seems to be […]

ICT Generation is back with a project to teach Zimbabwean kids all things tech

There’s always talk about about the importance of imparting skills in technology at an early age. It’s one of those no-brainers in an increasingly tech world, and Zimbabwe also needs to pay attention to that reality. The fact is, locally this is not done enough. Whether in public or private education institutions, there’s still a […]

Hour of Code returns to Harare this month with a Battle of Code contest

Last year during the Computer Science Education Week, Zimbabwe took part, for the first time, in the Hour of Code. This was an opportunity for willing individuals  to teach anyone keen, basic skills in computer programming. There was participation in Harare at Hypercube Hub and in Bindura at the state university with a notable response […]

Different communities getting involved as Hour of Code Zimbabwe enters Day 3

Hour of Code of Zimbabwe finally became a reality a couple of days ago thanks to the efforts of a group of techies that decided to get our country involved. Today marks its third day and the lessons in basic programming will be conducted at the Hypercube Hub in Harare where people keen in learning […]

Zimbabweans to teach each other programming in Hour of Code

Learning how to code is important for everyone, and I’m not just saying that because it’s geek rhetoric – Its a fact supported by the state of skills demand for the 21st century. Locally we always harp on about how we would benefit by having programming introduced as a compulsory part of new age learning, but […]