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Video: HarmonyOS is the future

Harmony OS finally got launched and Huawei plans to have it installed on 300 million devices by the end of 2021. While it’s being seen as Huawei responding to them no longer having access to the full Android and it’s services, it does not exist to just be an Android replacement for Huawei. It’s looking to be more than that. It is probably the future of operating systems.

Does Huawei’s Harmony OS stand a chance against iOS & Android?

Huawei’s Harmony OS has been in the works for some time. Murmurs of the iOS and Android competitor date back to the mid-2010s and its imminent arrival will be a welcome addition to the smartphone and appliance market. However with Huawei’s app gallery light on apps and it being outside the well known Android and […]

Huawei smartphones will be running HarmonyOS in 2021

Huawei smartphones will be running their in-house operating system HarmonyOS in 2021. This was announced at HDC 2020 (Huawei Developers Conference). It’s definitely a case of ready or not for HarmonyOS. Without Google Play Services and the US chip ban that is taking effect in less than a week (September 15th, 2020). Huawei has to […]

Harmony OS Needs 2-3 Years To Compete With iOS – Huawei Founder

Those of us that love Huawei smartphones felt the cold chills running through our spines when Donald Trump called for the blacklisting of China’s biggest telecommunication company, Huawei. As a result of this development, US companies including Google, which supplies Huawei with Google services, soon withdrew their support. Amidst that ban, the good news we […]

Huawei’s Harmony OS Finally Official

Back in 2017, Huawei started work on their own operating system – Harmony. Had it not been for Trump and tensions between his country and China, maybe the announcement of that OS would have been a surprise. Instead, the OS comes on the back of months of speculation and debate as to whether it is […]

Huawei Files ‘Harmony OS’ As Another Name For Its Operating System

A new trademark application from Huawei suggests that the company has been working on an operating system called ‘Harmony OS’ for smartphones and computers. According to LetsGoDigital, the application was filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office as well as the UK’s Intellectual Property Office on July 12, 2019, and is classified under: ‘mobile […]