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Huawei To Open Two Data Centres In South Africa

Next month, Huawei will begin work on one of two data centres they are building in South Africa. Huawei has said it will support localized public cloud services based on domestic policies and requirements as part of its plan for a fully-connected Africa. Huawei’s acknowledged they will be partnering with local companies: The company is working […]

Supa Mandiwanzira: I Did Not Defraud The Government

Former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, was back in court today as his case regarding abuse of office continued after two postponements dating back to last year. Mandiwanzira is being charged with abuse of office on two counts; That he allegedly engaged Megawatt company, to do consultancy work for NetOne without going to tender That […]

The Notch Is Finally Dead! Are Manufacturers Making Smartphone Design Great Again In 2019?

2018 was a pretty uninspiring year in terms of smartphones. Now that features are pretty much equal in phones, OEMs (manufacturers) are competing in design but even in that regard, there’s not much they can do with the mobile phones form-factor that will greatly set them apart from their competitors. This is NOTch acceptable Crappy […]

Huawei Workers Tweeting From iPhone Get Demotion & Pay Cut

New Year, same old endorsement tweets sent from the wrong phone. There have been many a time where celebrities tweet endorsing a mobile phone but the tweet is sent out with a different phone. What commonly happens is Celebs tweet endorsing phones other than the iPhone but then the tweet is sent out from an […]

Govt Gives $6million To Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe For The Digital Migration Project, $103million Still Needed

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has received $6 million from the government as part of the $22 million allocated in the 2018 National Budget for completing the digitization process. George Charamba, Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services stated that the money will be channeled to the construction of transmission sites nationwide. He said: We […]

[VIDEO] That Huawei P20 Finally Worth Your Kidney?

Last week in Paris, Huawei launched its next generation P-Series smartphones, the P20 and the P20 Pro. They also launched a more premium offering in the form of the Mate RS Porsche Design based on the P20 Pro but with a couple of design upgrades. The cheapest offering of these devices starts at a cool […]

Are Huawei & ZTE Really Spying On Consumers And Should You Be Afraid?

After US government officials, NSA and FBI warned consumers to desist from purchasing devices from Huawei and ZTE, you might have been interested in purchasing or already owning a device from either and now you are unsure if you should… ‘Do not be afraid…’ Here is why you should go ahead and buy that Huawei […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus reveal Dates. Hints Some Camera Updates

Never a dull moment in the tech world is there? Samsung just threw an announcement of their Unboxing Event. The date is 25th of February 2018 and the goodies are the Galaxy S9 under the slogan ‘The Camera Reimagined’. Now interestingly we find the hint being focused at the camera were some rumors were flying […]

Flagship, mid-range, premium, high-end smartphone. What does it all mean?

Flagships devices, high-end devices mid range, premium the classes go on and on. Its a mess trying to explain which devices go were and why but I think I might be able to clear the air a little bit. Defining them with respect to their processing power for me seems like a more palatable categorizing […]

Oppo, The Actual Smartphones Have Landed In Zimbabwe Now!

Just a couple of weeks ago a new smartphone brand called Oppo popped up in our humble streets of Harare. For those of you that didn’t know, Oppo is the 2nd biggest selling smartphone manufacturer in China, only bested by Huawei. So whats on offer in our local Oppo store? Oppo A37   Retailing at […]

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. New OPPO Store In Harare Has No OPPO…Yet

If you are in Harare and you frequent the 1st street/George Silundika section of the city you might have seen a nice looking green sign with OPPO written in white. I totally beamed with excitement seeing that brand in Harare streets I mean these guys own OnePlus which in my head meant the flagship killer […]

TelOne Centre for Learning launches new Diplomas and courses at Graduation ceremony

Today at the TelOne Centre For Learning (TCFL) graduation ceremony, the Permanent Secretary for Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Dr. Eng. S. Kundishora officially opened and launched new diploma programs as well as new courses for the institution. The new diplomas to be offered by TCFL effective January 2018 are as follows: Diploma […]

Titans die for technology to evolve

It was 2012 and I was still in high school beginning to develop my affinity for gadgets and in that era I was the proud owner of a Nokia X2. I remember getting so excited when I found an app that could open pdf documents on it, it was such a huge achievement. I then […]

[Video]Huawei Mate 10 thoughts: This could replace your laptop

Yesterday Huawei Launched the Mate 10, the Mate 10 Pro and the Mate 10 Porsche Design. These devices are banking big on AI but are also offering a new way to experience a desktop feel. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes […]

Apple toppled from world’s second largest smartphone company ranking by Huawei

Huawei continued its meteoric rise as they finally overtook Apple to become the second biggest smartphone company by sales. This feat was achieved for the months of June and July this year. This came as no surprise though as Huawei has been catching up the last several quarters. Huawei has smartphones to cater for all […]

EcoCash Diaspora partner WorldRemit partners with Huawei

You know WorldRemit as the remittance company which partnered with Ecocash to enable the sending of money straight into Ecocash wallets from anywhere in the world. WorldRemit is available in over 50 countries and 140+ destinations and thus brought the diaspora to EcoCash Diaspora. WorldRemit is an ambitious remittance company on the rise. It is […]

NetOne & TelOne directed to implement their network expansion projects jointly

NetOne and TelOne, two State-owned, Zimbabwean telecoms operators have been directed by the government to jointly implements their individual network expansion projects. The Sunday Mail reports that this was shared by TelOne corporate communications manager Melody Harry who also highlighted the merits of the shared infrastructure approach which was gazetted by the government in 2016. […]

A quarter of Zimbabweans are using ‘Unknown’ imitation smartphones

A whopping 24.83% of Zimbabweans are enjoying their window to the digital space through ‘unknown’ imitation smartphones making up the second largest chunk of mobile and tablet vendor market share in Zimbabwe. The most popular brand of smartphones and tablets is currently Samsung and surprisingly third place is Nokia pulling strong at 11.04% which means […]

Zimbabwe’s latest mobile OS stats – Android maintains lead, Windows & others trail in the distance

The latest figures on mobile operating system (OS) spread from GS Stat Counter indicates that as recently as December 2016-January 2017, Android, the Linux Kernel-based, mobile OS developed by Google is on 76.95% of all mobile devices in the country.

5G might just be around the corner

China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei Hong Kong are partnering in pioneering commercial deployment of LTE-A Pro 4.5G as part of Huawei’s roadmap to 5G which is set for a timeline of 2020. LTE-A Pro or 4.5G was officially named as the new LTE standard by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and with it […]

Government seeks funding to expand NetOne’s services as it adapts to changes in telecoms

The Zimbabwean government is currently seeking funding to expand NetOne’s services lineup as the State ramps up its efforts to increase the viability of the telecoms operators that it owns.

Global smart phone shipments rise marginally in second quarter of 2016 led by Samsung & Huawei growth

Global shipments of smart phones in the second quarter of 2016 rose marginally to 330 million units following a rise from two of the big three smart device distributors, Samsung and Huawei.

TelOne takes measures to guard against overcharging from Huawei, exposes NetOne

Responding to the concerns that have been raised about its own $98 million fibre project, TelOne, another state-owned telecoms entity recently took steps to guard against the likelihood of it being a victim of overpricing.

NetOne prejudiced of $78 million in overpriced Huawei deal as shadow of suspicion is raised over other projects

NetOne, the State-owned mobile telecoms operator was prejudiced of $78 million in a deal signed with Huawei for a telecoms infrastructure upgrade project which was enabled by the $218 million facility extended by the Chinese government. These details emerged when questions on the ongoing probe on NetOne were raised by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on ICT. The […]

Grey imports & counterfeits flood Zimbabwean smartphone market, pose challenge to formal distributors

Despite the added benefits of warranties and after sale support as well as consumer protection offered by registered distributors, a huge quotient of the Zimbabwean market still finds solace in unregistered traders, a scenario which presents a huge challenge to distributors like Tecno who are operating above board.

Kramer Electronics a global audio visual brand bets on Zimbabwean market potential, sets up local centre

Kramer Electronics has added Zimbabwe on to its list of service regions and has established a distribution unit in Harare. This centre will manage all official liaison with Kramer Electronics while offering a direct channel for AV technology distributors to transfer all issues relating to the line’s warranties and after sales service.

Zimbabwe’s digital migration now 34% complete

Zimbabwe’s digital migration which is meant to ensure that the country adopts international standards for broadcasting and content distribution through digital channels is 34% complete.

BAZ signs Eutelsat for digital migration satellite capacity; service to launch in 2016

Now, in its latest announcement, Eutelsat has mentioned that it has sealed a three-year contract with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) for capacity in Ku-band on the EUTELSAT 3B satellite.

Govt sets aside $18 million for decoders in next stage of digital migration

In an interview with the Sunday Mail, Charamba mentioned that a distributor for the 400,000 set top boxes necessary for digital migration had been identified and an order had been placed, with the transaction set to cost $18 million.

TelOne & Huawei deals, MTN & zero-rated VOD, Footballzone, Telecel promos: Podcast

Here’s the latest episode of the podcast which touches on TelOne and its deal with Huawei, FrontRow, the VOD service for MTN which is now being offered through zero-rated data, the latest Telecel promo and the Footballzone Magazine App.