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POTRAZ’s ICT Innovation Drive Gets Into Second Phase, But There Are Still Some Unanswered Questions

POTRAZ has begun calling for startups and ‘ICT innovators’ to apply for the second phase of their funding program; The Zimbabwe ICT Innovation Drive. What’s the Innovation Drive about? According to POTRAZ, the drive is meant to empower innovators that are making technological advancements in various sectors, whilst creating employment and boosting economic growth. We […]

Startups Given ‘Blank’ Cheques, They Have No Idea How Much They Got. Secrets, Secrets…..

The successful launch of The ICT Innovation Drive has been met with praise by various stakeholders. One of the most visible moments of today’s ICT Innovation Drive launch was the presentation of big cheques to the 6 startups that are getting funding. The representatives of startups received their cheques with wide smiles followed by a […]

Potraz Finally Launches The ICT Innovation Drive To Provide Funding For Innovators In The ICT Field

The long awaited Zimbabwe ICT Innovation Drive has finally been launched. As we reported last week Potraz was availing their funding project that is meant to empower innovators that are making technological advancements in various sectors. The drive was announced back in 2016 but was yet to get an ‘official launch.’ The innovation drive accepted […]

The ICT Policy And Innovation Drive Launch Live At The HICC

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Your questions answered: Zimbabwe ICT Innovation Drive fund for startups FAQ

Last week, after POTRAZ announced the new ICT Innovation Drive fund for startups, questions started coming in. Techzim had numerous questions of its own. So we brought all questions together and presented them to POTRAZ, who are managing the fund. They responded. We’re considering this an FAQ to help you understand the ICT Innovation Drive fund and […]

Everything to know about applying for the ICT Innovation Drive fund for startups (download)

We contacted POTRAZ to get the details of the terms and conditions of applying for the ICT Innovation Drive fund for startups that was announced yesterday. Techzim got a response to some of the questions and have included those answers below. A key thing that has become clear is that the funds that startups are applying for are loans […]

Zimbabwe government’s $25m ICT Innovation fund. A tech startup boom on the horizon?

The Zimbabwean government just announced that it has opened for applications to the ICT Innovation Drive fund. This fund, totalling $25 million, was announced last year by the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services. The minister, Supa Mandiwanzira, said that the Zimbabwean government is committed to the development of local platforms and apps through investment financed by […]

Zim government opens for tech startup applications to $25 million fund (POTRAZ ICT Innovation Drive)

The Zimbabwean government, which set up a $25 million fund for local technology startups, announced yesterday that it’s now accepting applications to the fund. The Zim telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, which is managing the fund, sent out a statement calling for applications: Are you an ICT Innovator, start-up or entrepreneur with a brilliant innovation or solution. Potraz has introduced […]