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Kwese Goes Local With Wedding Diaries

Today Econet subscribers received a message telling them to buy iFlix bundles so they can watch a show called Wedding Diaries. This appears to be a new local show sponsored by Kwese which is available on their streaming platform: iFlix. Local is lekker! Catch the Zim show, Wedding Diaries on Kwese iflix where couples share […]

Kwese iflix Introducing New Lifestyle Network To Its Content Roster

It’s been a quiet few months for Kwese iflix but they have now got their 2019 up and running with the launch of their lifestyle Network Scoop. Reading through the press release sent by Kwese iflix, it seems Scoop will be pretty similar to E-News and the whole bunch of channels associated but with a […]

#Black Friday Deal: You Can Get The ZOL Kwese Play Box For $59

Yesterday we talked about how Econet and ZOL seem to be doubling down on the VOD front. Well it seems they are continuing with their aggressive approach and as part of their Black Friday deals you can now buy the Kwese Play Box for $59 instead of the usual $89. How to take advantage of […]

Kwese Partners Vodafone To Introduce Kwese Play In Ghana

Kwese is broadening their horizons and entering a new market. Kwese recently announced that it would be partnering with Vodafone to introduce their hybrid-service Kwese Play. Kwese Play is an attempt by Kwese to capture the best of both worlds by offering both their live TV service (which would otherwise only be available via satellite) […]

TelOne DEOD vs Kwese Play Round 1: Content Comparison

TelOne recently launched a new streaming service called DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) and you’re probably itching to see what you can get to watch if you do sign-up and shell out your hard earned. Kwese Play and Kwese iflix are the most comparable services, but which service is actually better? DEOD Premium TelOne have […]

Finally, TelOne Launching Broadcasting Service Today, DStv And Kwese Watch Out

So TelOne is finally launching their VoD (think Netflix) service. Back in June last year they had announced that they were ready for lift-off but at the last minute they scrapped those plans and went silent. After that disappearing act, it seems TelOne have finally got their house in order and they are ready for […]

New Challenger To DSTV And Kwese? Trevor Ncube’s AMH Gets Content Distribution Services Licence

AMH has been granted a Content Distribution Services licence. The media house now has three licenses considering they were already awarded a VoD and Webcasting licence. The content distribution services licence allows AMH to compete with DStv, Kwese and whoever else set up camp in that field. There are a few contenders mind you; Azam, […]

The Kwese PLAY-ZOL Deal Is Not As Attractive As We Thought But It’s Still A Good Package

Yesterday, we wrote on ZOL’s partnership with Kwese Play and we were really excited about the offering. It seems our excitement was short-lived as ZOL has provided clarification on this package and how it will work. Netflix comes at a cost The $33 monthly subscription does not include a Netflix subscription. If you have never […]

Kwesé iflix A Service Worth Exploring, My Personal Experience Of The Service

When the harshest critic is silenced by your work, you can go ahead and brag because you have done a great job. In this scenario Kwese people can go ahead and brag about Kwesé iflix, it gave me the best user experience I haven’t had in a long time. If you bought data yesterday I’m […]

Kwese Unveils Kwese-iflix Mobile App For VOD, Data To Access Added To Econet Bundles

Yesterday’s Econet Tech Expo (Expo) was marked by the announcement saying that Kwese will be broadcasting all 64 World Cup games. Another significant highlight of the Expos was signified by the unveiling of Kwese’s new ‘Kwese-iflix’ mobile App. iflix is a subscription video on demand (VOD) service focused on emerging markets. The Kwese-iflix mobile App “will allow Econet Wireless […]

Kwese To Televise All 64 FIFA World Cup Matches Live, ZBC Partners Kwese To Televise All Matches Too

After months of questioning whether Kwese will televise the upcoming 2018 Fifa World Cup, Kwese has cleared the air by announcing that it will broadcast all 64 FIFA World Cup matches live in Zimbabwe. The matches will be broadcasted on all its digital platforms that range from the Kwese satellite TV to mobile devices via its newly […]

What Can We Expect From The Kwese-iflix Partnership

With Kwese recently acquiring a stake in iflix, the video streaming powerhouse in Asia, it’s only natural that Kwese subscribers will be waiting to see the changes coming to the Kwese platforms. Here are my thoughts in regards to how this deal may impact both Kwese and iflix… How the deal impacts Kwese I may […]

Kwese Acquires Stake In iflix In Bid To Bring More Content To Sub-Saharan Africa

Kwese has acquired ‘a significant stake’ in iflix, a Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) provider that has millions of subscribers in Asia. This deal promises to bring more content to the Kwese platform. Kwese and iflix already had an existing relationship as we reported last year. iflix is immensely popular in Asia and broadcasts in countries such […]

UPDATED [They are not]: Is Kwese buying one of Africa’s leading content creators, Urban Brew Studios?

Urban Brew Studios is a South African studio owned by Kagiso Media. They have been in the independent television production sector in South Africa since 1995. The studio has grown over the years and now provides various services and creates various types of content, everything from graphics and animation to music composition and end to […]

Kwese partners iflix as iflix raises $133m for expansion

iflix has been described as the Asian Netflix. Their target market is the emerging world and after conquering the Asias and North Africa the focus is now on sub-Saharan Africa. As of March 2017 there were over 5 million subscribers to the Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) service, which cost around $3 per month. With […]