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Certain Posts By Influencers On Instagram Will No Longer Show To Users Below 18

There’s been a lot of debate about influencers and whether or not they have real jobs or any influence – last time my colleague looked at this he felt it was “hard to say” whether or not they had influence. I kind of disagree with his stance and if you use Instagram, then you’ll probably […]

Instagram To Become Less Of A Popularity Contest With New Update That Hides Number Of Likes

If you’ve used Instagram and you’re self-conscious then you’ve probably wondered what you can do to increase the number of likes (and followers) you have. This has made the social media network less of a picture sharing community and more of a popularity contest and it seems the developers are now looking to change this. […]

Instagram To Bring Hour Long Videos: Can They Dethrone YouTube?

In a quite surprising move, Instagram is going to introduce hour-long videos. The videos will only be accessible in portrait mode (vertically) and thus this is not an outright copy of YouTube but it does seem Instagram is spreading its wings once again. The picture/video sharing social media platform has been consistently changing since it’s […]