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International voice traffic drops by up to 19% as Zimbabweans embrace alternatives for diaspora talk

International voice traffic to and from Zimbabwe declined by as much 19.6% between April and June 2016 with calls made via mobile as well as fixed telecommunications registering lower traffic during the period

Facebook’s Messenger crosses 1 billion user mark, solidifies position as the global app for the future

Facebook recently issued a statement celebrating a major milestone for its instant messaging service, Messenger. It now has 1 billion active users. This was accompanied by a congratulatory message to all Messenger users complete with an interactive emoji. The 1 billion mark is a notable achievement not only because of how staggering that number is but also because it […]

WhatsApp drops $1 annual subscription, promises to also stay away from adverts

An accompanying blog post from WhatsApp also announced the end of the subscription model, pointing out how some subscribers to the service have been excluded from making payments because they do not have the necessary credit and debit card numbers. This sort of challenge is more prevalent in emerging markets where WhatsApp has the majority of its 900 million subscribers.

InstaVoice, a voice SMS service now available in Zimbabwe

Local mobile subscribers have been receiving SMS alerts for voice messages or InstaVoice messages. These act as missed call alerts and voice messages that are accessible from any sort of mobile device, including feature phones and smart devices that do not have the InstaVoice app.

As Facebook starts integrating with WhatsApp, what can we look forward to?

Facebook and WhatsApp. That doesn’t sum up Zimbabwean smartphone access patterns, but it sure as hell comes close to telling a big part of it. It’s not the mobile operators’ faults either, the three of them only introduced the Over The Top Services of WhatsApp and Facebook bundles to cash in on the popularity of […]

How WhatsApp has just made your messages more secure

Yesterday it was reported that WhatsApp had announced its implementation of end-to-end encryption of its messages. This is still in its initial phase and has been enacted on Android only. It also hasn’t been extended to group messages, videos and photos. This development is an improvement of the IM platform’s privacy protections and makes it extremely difficult for […]

How to get rid of WhatsApp’s blue ticks

WhatsApp, the famous messaging app released an update a little while ago to its app that received some pretty heated feedback. It enabled the sender to not only know that their message has been delivered but also that it has been read. Obviously, the feature itself sparked huge debates over privacy that it eventually coined […]

WhatsApp doubles group participants limit

While some of us still coming to terms with the fact that WhatsApp has started telling you who is quick to read your messages and who isn’t, the IM platform has made another update to its service. This time its all about group messaging. The limit of participants in groups has been doubled from 50 […]

WhatsApp let’s you know if the message you sent has been read

Here’s something you might have started noticing yesterday on your favourite IM platform, WhatsApp, those two delivery ticks turning blue. As some have figured already, WhatsApp has introduced this as a way to check if the message you send has been read. The ticks turn from grey to blue once the message has been read […]

Skype disappears into impromptu video messaging with new app

Messaging is now about more than just texting, video has shown testimony to that. Even our local favourite chat platform WhatsApp is hugely popular for letting users share videos, something made easier by bundled services that spare any cost concern. To that end a lot of providers keen on maintaining relevance in that market are reaching […]

The one app better than WhatsApp

it’s the must-have for anyone who wants a basic smartphone experience. It’s also one way to tell everyone in your phone book that you have graduated from a mbudzi device (“dumb” phone) and are now enjoying the benefits of broadband. WhatsApp, the most visible cross platform, instant messaging tool for the local market has become the […]

The death of the postman

When I was a young man in our rural home there were only two households with landline phones. These doubled as phone shops and people would queue for hours to make brief calls over poor lines that buzzed like bees due to static. If you think today’s mobile operators are ripping you off then you […]