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India To Launch Database Of IMEI Numbers For Tracking Stolen Phones: Something Worth Copying For Zim

Loss of mobile phone, especially in the cases of mobile theft is not only an economic loss but its a loss of privacy as well. In India, phone theft is a common thing, and conmen know how to change the IMEI address of the stolen device. So, the Indian Government is coming up with a […]

First impressions of the new GTeL Customer Care App

This is a quick look at the new GTeL customer Care App which has been designed to offer extended customer support to owners of the local brand’s mobile devices.

Kenya to Switch Off Counterfeit Phones

Kenyan mobile operators will start switching off “fake” cell phones from their networks in accordance with a government directive. They are scheduled to begin the exercise at midnight, 30 September. The switch-off process will involve blocking a handset that bears a fake International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number from accessing a mobile operator’s network. The […]