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Facebook Wants To Combine WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Chat

According to various international media news sources including the Guardian and BBC Facebook is planning to integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram so they can cross talk to each other on the orders of the big jefe, Mark Zuckerberg himself. No, they are not going to do this by making a  chimera app with bits taken […]

Iran To Block Instagram For Moral Reasons

Social Media sites are not doing so well thus far in 2019 and it seems governments will keep piling on to their misery. The Iranian Nation Cyberspace Council approved a move to block Instagram because they believe the platform has obscene and immoral content. The country already banned Twitter (as far back as 2009), Facebook […]

Access To Twitter & Instagram Now Being Blocked, As The Government’s Grip On The Internet Tightens In Face Of Protests

Zimbabweans have woken up to quite the dark morning as access to the internet is now being limited to sites that can’t help the cause of the latest Shutdown Zimbabwe protests. Since the early hours of the morning access to Facebook and WhatsApp was being blocked by Internet Service Providers and it seems that block […]

Talk It Out: You Can Finally Now Send Voice Messages On Instagram

Instagram is finally giving you the ability to send voice messages, in addition to text and photos, via its Direct Messages feature. This feature has been in the works for months and it’s now finally live. For a platform that relies primarily on visual content rather than words and sound, Instagram may be preparing itself to take a left […]

WhatsApp To Come Up With Two New Features: Instagram Account Linking And Vacation Mode for Archived Chats

WhatsApp continues to improve its app with new features meant to enhance engagement and user experience, in an attempt to remain relevant in a pretty competitive market. The social media giant is reportedly planning to bring three new features to its app soon, including linking accounts to Instagram, in order to improve chat and notifications […]

Is Instagram’s Ask Me Anything Feature The Apps Most Addictive Feature Yet?

Instagram has always been referred to as the social media app for the vain, egotists and narcissists among us. I mean why else would you make an app that only allows users to post photos. Initially, you couldn’t even message the people you followed on IG as the platform only allowed you to communicate through […]

Facebook Hack Could Have Compromised Instagram And Many Other Apps Too

You didn’t forget that Facebook owns Instagram, did you? You must know this little fact following the news that at least 50 million Facebook users, and possibly 90 million, had their accounts accessed by hackers. As it turns out, those users’ Instagram accounts could have been compromised, too. Last week saw 50 million Facebook accounts affected by a massive […]

Bizarre: People Are Pretending To Be Dead On Instagram To Get Famous

In this age, where social media is being widely used, many people want to be popular on these platforms. But how far are you willing to go to get that celebrity status or become famous? As it turns out, some people are trying to get famous on Instagram by pretending to be dead. That’s right, in trying […]

Instagram Soon To Allow Video Tagging

Instagram introduced the photo-tagging feature as far back as in 2013, but now the Facebook-owned social media platform is believed to be testing the exact same functionality in video posts as well. According to TechCrunch, which says it has confirmed the information with the company, the video-tagging feature will work similarly to the existing one […]

Instagram Gets Serious With E-Commerce As It Starts To Build A Standalone App For Shopping

Fresh from a successful launch of a YouTube competitor, IGTV, Instagram is looking to step up to rivals in the e-commerce category with a ‘standalone’ shopping app. This means that the already existing Instagram app will be used for communication only and the incoming ‘standalone’ shopping app will be used for shopping only rather than using one […]

Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram Went Down, Users Around The World Left Frustrated

Facebook and its other social media platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, temporarily went down late on Monday in the US, Canada and various other parts of the world. During the service outage, some users were unable to log in while others only failed to post anything or communicate with friends. Although the issue has since been […]

Facebook Launches Their Video Platform Globally, Can They Take Down YouTube? Probably Not…

So Facebook continues to ape other platforms they’ve turned their attention to YouTube. Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) recently released IGTV which is YouTube for portrait videos (or maybe not much of a YouTube at all). They are also now making Facebook Watch globally available, as it was only available in the USA. There […]

Instagram Just Added New Security And Account Verification Features To Help Keep The Platform Safe

Instagram has just started rolling out a number of security measures, making the platform safer for its billions of users. It is giving users access to more info on an account, the ability to apply for verification, and use third-party apps for two-factor authentication. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features: About this Account […]

Snapchat Loses 3 Million Users In One Quarter; Can They Ever Really Compete With Bigger Rivals?

If you use any one of Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram you’ve probably bumped into a ‘Stories’ feature. On Whatsapp this feature is what we’ve come to know as the new Status but on Facebook and Instagram it’s called stories and though this feature has become a part of our everyday lives, the originator of the […]

Social Media Influencers Can Get As Much As $30 000 For A Single Post! Even Pets Are Getting In On The Action

The culture of ‘social media influencers’ has not really extended to Zimbabwe yet. Of course people go on social media and they have people who influence their taste or actions and what not but I don’t think there are many Zimbos (within Zimbabwe) who are leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Allow Users To View YouTube and Instagram Videos In The WhatsApp App Itself With ‘Picture-To-Picture Mode’ Feature

WhatsApp had recently launched the much-awaited feature group calls for voice and video. Now, the messaging platform is working on a feature called Picture-In-Picture  (PIP) mode for Android. The PIP  feature will allow its users to continue their video calls or watching videos on a small window while chatting and browsing in WhatsApp (without the […]

You Are Now Able To See If Your Followers Are Online On Instagram By Turning On ‘Activity Status’

Days of ignoring someone’s messages and continuing to scroll through to other messages on Instagram might have come to an end. As announced in an official blog post, Instagram had added a green dot feature, next to the profile icon of your friends (or followers), showing you when they’re available to chat. The green dot is called, ‘Activity Status’. […]

Instagram Now Allowing Users To Apply For A ‘Verified Account’

Instagram has just started to allow the general public to apply for a blue tick verification badge. Alas, the feature is currently only available to Australian users on the iOS operating system. But it the feature will start to roll out to more countries in the coming weeks for both IOS and Android users. That blue […]

Instagram Silently Launches ‘Instagram Lite’ For Countries With Poor Connectivity And Phones With Low Memory

With Instagram’s skyrocketing popularity in the western world, the company is now looking to court new users in developing countries. And to do so, it’s following Facebook’s lead and has now quietly launched ‘Instagram Lite’ app for Android. Instagram hasn’t officially announced the Lite app for Android but its now available on Google Play Store. […]

Uganda’s Telecomms Operator Will Block Virtual Private Networks (VPN) To Stop Social Media Tax Evasion

Ugandans are turning to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass a new social media tax that came into force on Sunday. This has attracted the attention of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) (telecommunications watchdog) which said that telecommunication companies will block VPN applications that are aiding Ugandans to evade social media tax. UCC said; We have technology that […]

Social Media Helping Human Traffickers To Lure Victims: UN Report

Posting, liking, commenting and sharing social media posts have become part of daily life for many people, but those posts can turn into targets for human traffickers and smugglers. Social media is designed to connect people, but it also makes it easier for predators to connect with their next victim. The latest United Nations (UN) […]

Instagram Launches IGTV: Hour-Long Videos Coming To Instagram

Last week, we talked about Instagram introducing a new format of videos that would have a maximum length of one-hour. We also had questions in relation to how exactly Instagram would advertise on this platform and some of the questions are now answered. Unexpected twist The reports concerning this new video format were along the […]

Instagram To Bring Hour Long Videos: Can They Dethrone YouTube?

In a quite surprising move, Instagram is going to introduce hour-long videos. The videos will only be accessible in portrait mode (vertically) and thus this is not an outright copy of YouTube but it does seem Instagram is spreading its wings once again. The picture/video sharing social media platform has been consistently changing since it’s […]

You Will Soon Be Doing Video Chat And Group Video Chat On Instagram, Bullies Will Be Kept Out By Anti-Bullying Filters

Facebook’s highly anticipated F8 developer conference happened on Monday, with founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg taking the stage to announce the latest updates to come from the social network’s universe. Not only was Zuckerberg sharing new features from the Facebook platform, but he also gave us glimpses into what we can expect from companies that […]

Instagram Adds New Features To Bolster Security & Send Pics That Disappear After One View

Instagram’s latest update focuses on security with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system now available. Instagram also added a ‘One View’ feature to the Instagram Direct messaging service. In a bid to better protect user’s data Instagram now offers a 2FA option to log into one’s account. As we reported when Whatsapp started offering 2FA, the […]

Instagram Introduces The ‘Hashtag’ Feature

What about our lives has social media changed? Well, honestly that’s a big question because social media has done tonnes; talk about how it has eased the flow of information, how it has defied the geographical limitations to communication, how it has enabled the otherwise ignored voices to be heard and the list goes on […]

Instagram adds a new sticker for you to create polls in your Stories

Instagram recently announced a new feature that they’ve added to the Stories feature of the social media app. The new feature allows you to create a poll that your Instagram followers can take part in so you can get some insights. To start using the new poll features, first update to the latest version of […]

DStv slashes prices and adds a $7 bouquet, TelOne launches 2 new products

DStv has reduced the price of its bouquets and added a new $7 budget bouquet. TelOne announced 2 products that included Wifi Home And Away for making use of your home wifi at any TelOne public wifi hotspot. Twitter is experimenting on a 280 character limit for tweets and Instagram gets some impressive numbers on […]

You Can Now Control Who Comments On Your Instagram Posts

Instagram recently announced that they now have 500 million daily active users and 800 million monthly users. In that announcement, they also revealed some upcoming features to the social media app that will increase safety when using it and promote kindness. You can now choose who can comment on your posts Various tools to help […]

Instagram Is Doing Way Better Than Snapchat, 500 Million People Now Use It Daily

Instagram recently announced that they now have 800 million monthly active users. What was more interesting was that they also said that they have 500 million daily active users. Just last year, it had around 500 million monthly active users and 300 million daily active users. So they’ve managed to almost double those numbers within […]