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F8 2015 – The Facebook Developer Conference: What can we expect?

Another tech giant has a huge event lined up, this time its Facebook Developer Conference. The livestream is moments away (you can catch it here) and be sucked into the excitement. But why the excitement though? Isn’t Facebook turning into an afterthought in social media? The reality is that The Social Network has turned into something more […]

NetOne and its imaginary Instagram Bundles

It’s been a little over a week since NetOne introduced its own WhatsApp and Facebook Bundles. something that everyone expected would happen eventually anyway. Now the pressure to make an impressive late entrance has seen the mobile network adopt strategies to make its own services stand out from the competition. This is what explains the […]

The power of social media in enforcing our rights

To those of us who, as a result of the sacrifices made by others, are blissfully unaware, Saturday 21 March 2015, yes this past Saturday, was the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It is a puzzling paradox that today’s generation, especially blacks, despite having all the information a mere Google search away […]

Facebook accepts responsibility for outage: It wasn’t a hacker attack

Earlier today the whole world experienced a Facebook and Instagram outage which lasted for an hour. Facebook has taken responsibility for the disruption citing a technical fault encountered when a change introduced affected the system’s configuration. It turned out that other services like Tinder and HipChat were also affected. Although prankster hacking crew Lizard Squad seemed to […]

Join the chorus of complaints, Facebook and Instagram are down right now(Update)

In case you were wondering, you aren’t the only one experiencing this. Facebook and Instagram are down right now and it’s happened globally. The two social platforms haven’t been accessible for more than half an hour now, something that hasn’t been explained as yet. It’s safe to say that the majority of Zimbabweans are feeling […]

A glimpse of Apple’s new iOS 8

Last week Apple released the latest version of its operating system the new iOS 8. Between then and now everyone with a compatible device has been downloading the OS, an awesome perk of being in the ecosystem that has justifiably given Apple users something to smile at every September. There are a lot of changes […]

Photo sharing app Instagram to come to Windows Phone shortly

We have no idea just how many of you out there are Windows Phone owners. Maybe a few stubborn enterprise fellows that swear by their PCs that Microsoft will rule forever despite the market truth. Anyway, Microsoft and Nokia finally succeeded getting an Instagram app for their phones. Instagram is the app that mass-marketed photography. […] to the parents’ rescue

Let’s be honest, when it comes to technology most parents are, well, “dumb.” At least that is what most teenagers think and it is hard to argue against this. Many a study have shown that younger people have more friends on social sites such as Bebo, Facebook and Twitter, that they make more updates including intimate details and pictures of themselves; play more video games; go to the movies and parties much more often and are early adopters of technologies.

Instagram’s new web profiles

I love taking pictures with Instagram, it’s an amazing photo sharing app available on both iOS and Android. For some time now it only had mobile profiles, but now users have dedicated web profiles to view all your  friends’ pictures for the browser. Instagram recently announced the launch of web profiles, a Facebook like collage […]