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WhatsApp has ruined the way we communicate

There is no denying that WhatsApp has connected us on a global scale and revolutionised the way we communicate. The instant messaging platform allows us to tap into social events we may have not been able to. During last year’s family Christmas gathering, my brother in law in France had a very long video chat […]

What Makes Signal More Secure Than WhatsApp?

Yesterday we wrote an article about claims by a local journalist that our government can track WhatsApp messages and thus people having conversations they would prefer to keep secure should install a more secure application like Signal. So because we are looking at Signal strentghs over WhatsApp, this is going to read a bit like […]

Sasai Now Supports Voice/Video Calling With Upto 20 People

Sasai has announced a new promotion that will enable users to participate in video calls with up to 19 other users. The service has been branded Sasai TeamTalk and will be available between 8am and 5pm every Sunday until the end of the month. Press material shared by Cassava takes a swipe at WhatsApp for […]

Telegram Adds Boat Load Of Features To Start 2020

Telegram has always been the feature-rich alternative to WhatsApp that just isn’t as popular for some reason. Anyway, the messaging app is adding features to start out the year on a bang and make its already feature-rich application even more… FEATURE-RICH! The headlining feature is the new Theme Editor which will allow users to; …quickly […]

WhatsApp Bans 2 Million Accounts Every Month For Fake Or Abusive Content

Though WhatsApp gets a lot of slack for the way they deal with fake news, a new report seems to suggest the guys are not just scratching their heads and mulling at a solution. It turns out WhatsApp removes a number of accounts that spread false news and abusive content on the worlds most popular […]

Telegram Is The WhatsApp Alternative That The Government Has Failed To Block

WhatsApp is basically the most popular communication tool in Zimbabwe and now that it –along with social media- has been blocked, the country has basically come to a standstill over the past two days. Time and time again when WhatsApp and Telegram comparisons are made there are always people rooting for Telegram saying that it’s […]

You Can Now Send Stickers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s development cycle is always crazy!! The IM is constantly getting new features and just recently we heard of the incoming biometric features they’ll be adding and also a dark mode that might follow. Though these features aren’t out the gate yet, one new feature that is out of the gate right now is the […]

Thanks to WhatsApp Zimbabwe witnesses a rise in the scourge of spam

Now hardly an hour goes by without me receiving an unsolicited message begging me to make a purchase of some sort. The surprising thing is that these emails are distinctly local (Zimbabwean). What’s even more shocking is that some of the brands included in these emails are quite reputable brands that might be unwittingly taking part in this spamming practice.

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but still won’t beat WhatsApp

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but in Zimbabwe it still won’t beat WhatsApp.

GetCash to introduce its own WhatsApp alternative called GetChat

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, George Manyere, the director of GetCash and founder of Brainworks Capital (which owns GetCash) highlighted how their team was exploring ways of harnessing locally developed technology to provide solutions that are more affordable for Zimbabweans.

SA based Zimbabwean teams up with South African to create Teta, a zero-rated WhatsApp competitor

The one major point of difference that Teta has over other IM services, including WhatsApp, is that its users can send all types of messages including multimedia (video, pictures) for free as long as they are on Vodacom, the South African mobile network.

WhatsApp just released a quote & reply feature but not everyone has it, yet

Another new feature has been added to the insanely popular Instant Messaging platform – WhatsApp. You can now respond directly to any message on any chat thread.

Tired of juggling all those messaging clients? Meet Franz, the one stop chat enabler

Franz is a new tool that is primed to become your favourite application if you are trying to juggle a host of chat clients as well as multiple accounts for those same clients.

WhatsApp launches native desktop application for Windows and Mac

Instant Messaging platform WhatsApp has officially launched a native desktop application for Windows and Mac OS.

TelOne brings voice back in the mix, introduces free off-peak calls for residential clients

The new feature allows residential TelOne clients to make unlimited calls between 6pm and 6am during weekdays, and from 1pm to 6am the following day on weekends and public holidays.

WhatsApp has just made all your messages safer by introducing end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp has announced that it is enabling end-to-end encryption for all of its users on the latest version of the application.

WhatsApp scores more points on user feedback, adds font styling, quick reply & solid wallpaper colours features

Looking at its recent 1 billion user milestone and the latest flood of improvements like document sending or group limit adjustments there appears to be a bit of app development wisdom from the WhatsApp team.

Impact of social media felt as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe responds to NMB Bank WhatsApp hoax

The endorsement from the RBZ ought to go a long way in reassuring some of NMB Bank’s depositors, but even with a regulator led endorsement, NMB Bank and the rest of the sector has likely felt the impact of the WhatsApp message, especially since some NMB Bank depositors considered withdrawing their money.

WhatsApp is now free in Tanzania

Tigo Tanzania, the East African mobile operator has announced that it will now be offering all its 10 million subscribers free access to the instant message platform, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp raises group maximum from 100 to 256 members

The latest on WhatsApp is that it has increased the group maximum from 100 to 256 members. So far it seems the change has only been made to the latest version for Android (Version 2.12.437) which isn’t yet in the Google Play store but can be downloaded from the WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp celebrates 1 billion users and 1 billion groups

WhatsApp, the Instant Messaging (IM) platform which is part of the Facebook stable just recently celebrated a significant milestone – It now has 1 billion users.

WhatsApp video calling expected in platform’s next version

According to information in the article, which was accompanied by photos, WhatsApp is set to introduce video calling in the next iteration of the messaging platform. The upcoming version for iOS (it will be launched for Apple first) which is still in testing, will include video chat which works in the same way as FaceTime or Skype.

The realities of porn in a digital world: What should be done in Zim?

Yesterday,the news coming out of the United Kingdom  was that revenge porn had been officially classified as a crime with legislation passed that can see offenders who break this new law face up to 2 years in prison. Revenge porn is when an ex lover shares any sexually explicit content with your image (pictures, videos) […]

Turn those gadgets off, let’s celebrate Earth Hour this weekend

Earth Hour is an event that was started in Australia in 2007. When confronted with increasingly overwhelming evidence of climate change, the Australian World Wide Fund for Nature came up with the idea: A day when all the people in the world’s major cities would switch on their non-essential nights on the last Saturday of […]

Have you been banned from WhatsApp? Blame it on WhatsApp Plus

There’s a group of WhatsApp users that have been complaining since yesterday actually. Their favourite instant message has banned them from accessing it. If you have seen this notification it means that you have been using WhatsApp Plus. This is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that accesses WhatsApp servers and comes with a host of […]

The WhatsApp news feed is more relevant & engaging than the Facebook one

Recently, I realised I don’t use Facebook that much anymore. I use Messenger everyday yes, but the main Facebook, the newsfeed, I just find too noisy and full of content that’s not helpful to me. Of course this noise is a result I caused myself by careless adding and accepting friends that are not friends and ‘liking’ pages with […]

WhatsApp let’s you know if the message you sent has been read

Here’s something you might have started noticing yesterday on your favourite IM platform, WhatsApp, those two delivery ticks turning blue. As some have figured already, WhatsApp has introduced this as a way to check if the message you send has been read. The ticks turn from grey to blue once the message has been read […]

WhatsApp gets update with several features

Instant Messaging platform WhatsApp rolled out a new update with several features to add value to the application. Sadly its limited to iOS though, but the update will put smiles on the faces of Apple users already looking forward to the new iOS 8 being unveiled later today. There is no indication on when this […]

Your WhatsApp messages might not be as private as you think

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has been put into the limelight again, this time over privacy concerns tied with the messages sent on the platform. According to an article published on Mashable it appears that other people can access your messages through downloaded Android applications. This was quoted from Bass Bosschert, a security consultant and […]

Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications predictions for 2014

Deloitte has releases its annual Techonology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) predictions for 2014. The annual TMT report started back in 2001 and this years’ predictions are dominated by mobile devices. Here’s a look at the key predictions. Big five to exceed USD $750 billion in sales Deloitte expects global combined sales of smartphones, tablets, PCs, […]