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Some WhatsApp alternatives for feature phones & Android

WhatsApp is not the only WhatsApp out there. There are dozen other apps that run on smartphones and others on feature phones that achieve the same end in more or less the same way. So we thought we’d just list a few you can try and see if you like.

Android & iPhone users: BBM to come to a device near you

Apparently BlackBerry is just discovering now that if they could have looked beyond just inside their ecosystem 1for the growth of its much loved BlackBerry Messenger, they could have made it to the top messaging position WhatsApp occupies today.

Mxit to host the premiere of full-length feature film

In what is set to be a first for social networks, Mxit announced today the exclusive premiering of full-length feature film on its mobile social network. A South African feature film called A Lucky Man will start showing exclusively on the network. The movie will be available via a Mxit app called Cinemo.

Are you using WhatsApp to communicate with customers

Once only used as a person to person (well, small groups as well), communication tool, WhatsApp is clearly becoming more. We’ve heard from a number of companies locally that they are adding WhatsApp to their options of communication with customers. It’s an interesting business use of the tool which we’re sure WhatsApp never planned or predicted.

Facebook, WhatsApp & the transition of social networking to mobile

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot talking on social networking, its related technologies and its adoption by users worldwide. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other similar services are being treated by some of us as true social networking platforms. Some of our colleagues have gone on to separate such services as WhatsApp, ChatOn and other similar services as just Instant messaging or Multimedia Messaging Services.

ZOL Startup Challenge Finalists: Ribe Networks

Ribe Networks is a local chat application that has set its sight on disrupting internet based messaging. It intends to do so by offering users across all mainstream mobile and pc platforms the ability to interact with peers through the lightweight and locally hosted Ribe Chat application. Users can link their Ribe account to Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo Mail and others.

Bridging the digital divide with eTXT. Killing SMS one innovation at a time

When eTXT launched in March this year we wrote “Econet launches eTXT, erases line between SMS and the Internet”. We wrote this because the application was another knife in the side for SMS. Yes, we want SMS to die. It’s super expensive for subscribers and belongs to a different era altogether.

New Econet service powered by eTXT. SMS to Email, Chat and Facebook

Today, an email tip pointed us to a new product to be launched soon by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. We’re not sure what the product will be named but it can be found right now on and it’s already active.

The service allows you to use SMS to communicate seamlessly with Email, Instant Messaging (Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Facebook Chat) and social media networks like Facebook. It’s powered by a ForgetMeNot Africa application called eTXT.

Of Social Networks . . . . And Work

A visit to an internet café in town just gave me a reminder of how much Zimbabweans love social networking. I had just read an article on TechCrunch about the social web and how it might not be surprising to hear about a Facebook browser (fancy that)